The dome should not auto collapse


My friends and I find it very stupid that the dome will collapse if someone falls down or if the monster loses armor, the purpose of the dome is to hold the monster and if the dome falls when the monster gets weak that stupid. And if the a person falls down, and the monster is killing everyone you can just take down the dome not the automatic dome collapse which cost us a lot of games!



You’re saying that you think the dome should stay up forever unless the hunters disable it? Even if you are losing? Or winning? Just FOREVER?

Play arena.


The dome has a 5 minute duration and loses 1 minute when he loses health (not armor) at certain intervals or loses 3.5 minutes when he downs a hunter. If the dome ends immediately after he downs a hunter, there was less than 3.5 minutes in duration.

My opinon: The dome duration is too short when the monster manages to down someone at stage 2, but too long if he isn’t able to.


I have to disagree, the dome stays for an incredible amount of 5 minutes, if the dome didn’t go down by situations such as downs and damaging the monster, the hunters would always win as soon as they get a good dome fight (and damaging the monster isn’t too hard)
Just learn to do the post-dome game: holding down the monster when they are trying to escape, so that you can get extra damage off.


doming should return back to trappers and allowed to be triggered whenever.


I think the new system is waaaaay better. Games where trappers were no good at doming the monster (which will happen a lot with all the new players coming in) just plain sucked.

Now you just need at least 1-2 people in team that know what they are doing to trap him. I played games where trapper just missed all game long and literally never domed the monster once. New system is a huge improvement imo.


The point of the new dome is so it forces fights but isn’t too punishing on one side or the other. It’s no longer meant to provide giant power shifts.

I enjoy the new dome immensely and do not think it should return to how it was nor the suggestion here.

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No the dome should have a timer but it shouldn’t shorten the timer if the monster loses its armor or a player goes down, because if the monster loses its armor it takes a 1:30 off the timer and if a player goes down the dome falls in 15 to 30 seconds.


Not exactly. If somebody goes down it takes 3:30 off and if the monster loses a percentage of health (5% at Stage 1) 1:00 is taken off.


The only issue i have with the current dome is that the monster does not HAVE to disengage when it drops. Nothing is preventing the monster from running if they are losing and nothing is forcing them to leave if they are winning. The hunters need to win three or four monster fights in a row. The monster only needs to win one.

Ps: i have yet to see a hunter actually manage to run away from a monster that wanted to hunt them down.


The Penalty for a downed hunter should only be a 1minute for a stage 2 and above monster


its allready really punishing the first dome if you dont get a good place to fight if you increse the timer it would end the match right there.