The dome mechanics


I myself played the first evolve and was pleased with it. But the new dome mechanics I am very unhappy with. First of all, the timer is too long. The way it goes down faster when the monster gets damaged was a nice idea, but it the monster is basically required to get damaged to escape. And unless your a really good, well experienced player, or a decent player as the wraith, you are guaranteed to be caught by stage 1. Which was fine in the first evolve because you could attempt to evade the hunters long enough. But in evolve stage 2 you can’t evade them long enough for the dome to ware out, so you are guaranteed damage, and as a stage one monster that can seriously hurt you for the rest of the game. Secondly, when the monster is at stage 2 or 3 then the timer shouldn’t go down because the monster is actually fighting. Basically what I’m saying is, change the dome back to the way it was. Or at least reduce the time in the arena as well as the amount of time it takes away for damaging the monster.


Yes, this is the idea, because monsters were spending too long not fighting and waiting for the dome to run out. Now the dome is so long the monster HAS to fight to get the dome to come down. It’s part of the change of mechanics to make people do what they are meant to be doing.

You should also, by being at stage 2, guarantee getting a strike on at least one person.

The name of the game now is more engagements, more give and take, more fighting in engagements.


The dome time reduces when a hunter is downed too. So by fighting them you should get a strike on 1 or 2 hunters, reduce the timer that way and take less damage by the time the dome comes down. :wink:


The devs wanted domes to guarantee a fight. They were opposed to monsters simply running and mitigating during an entire dome.

So now domes basically require one or both sides to take damage in order to drop. It encourages more fighting and less running around the map.

In this build you will have much easier time getting downs at s1. You should be going for downs in domes until you run out of armor, then trying to replenish. You only have 12 minutes to do damage to the hunters and increase the dropship time.


You are not guaranteed to take damge. You can reduce the timer by downing/killing hunters and if you take damage you can avoid the hunters for about 7 seconds and you will be close to full armor again.