I wanted to say this for a while my book (before I move on I swear to god if some one says this should not be on the evolve forums I will leave to forums forever) my book called the DOME. I will explain it in 4 words dinosaurs,backstabbing,sadness,and the number 3 if you want more info go to Twitter @kanan5ma I will give info about the tomorrow on Easter on Twitter and the book will start writing in late May or in early June (no comments linking me to a post ok)


let sigh

This doesn’t belo-

This totally belongs here! :smiley:

What’s the story about?


Do you have Twitter





This should not be on the Evolve forums.



Did you read what I said




It’s an OT thread. It can be on these forums.


Pretty sure this is self promotion spam :wink:


Or you could like.

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Ask someone, perhaps?
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What will the dinosaurs look like?


Yes, this thread can be here as long as it’s in the right category.