The dome completely ignores environmental obstructions, why doesn't Rock Wall?


Forgive me for not posting in that massive Behemoth thread, but I don’t use it, because what good is a fucking gigantic thread that mashes up dozens of different conversations?? People talking about very VERY different aspects of Behemoth all get lumped under the same crap, kind of killing the point of having a forum to begin with, no? I mean, we don’t have a “Bugs” thread, we have a bugs -forum-. We don’t say “This is a bug post, it has been moved to the bugs thread.” because that would be a nightmare.

Sorry, getting all tangent-y.

Anyway, why does Rock Wall have to respect terrain? What’s the big deal if it goes through a bridge or something? It’s temporary terrain. Does it cause some kind of tech problems? Or is it just because you don’t think it looks good?

Ability working 100% of the time >>>>> Ability looking nice

This makes rock wall an unreliable mess that sometimes literally does nothing. It is the only ability in the game I know of that can literally do nothing. I mean, I can miss a rock throw, but I still threw a rock. If a rock wall doesn’t go up I just exposed my weak point for 3 seconds to accomplish nothing.

And if I put up a rock wall and it leaves a giant gap because the big toe of a nomad was in the way, that may as well also be completely useless, I want a WALL for a reason.

This thing needs to never ever leave a gap and trigger on any terrain under any circumstance, and make it a minimum distance so I can’t put a hole where my own body is as well, or at least change the color so I know the minimum range.


Mostly because of hit detection and damage. The dome doesn’t do damage and as such doesn’t need the same ‘hit detection’ that rock wall does.


I would rather it go up as a solid wall and do no damage than it leave a giant gap and also deal no damage.


The Devs think otherwise. If it didn’t do damage it wouldn’t be a very good skill. If it didn’t do damage, that means Hunters and objects could get ‘stuck’ in it. Would you rather deal with Hunters being stuck in something that doesn’t even do damage?


It will take some time to know exactly where we can and cant throw the wall in its current form. even so, I agree it can be pretty darn inconstant, doubly so in a highly staggered vertical environment


The northern region of Refueling tower is a pain


Maddcow that would probably happen as often as a monster getting stuck through the dome itself. You can be unable to move too there and it probably happened not even once to most of the hunters.

The skill doesn’t warrant 3 points because of the holes. A rockwall needs to be a rockwall and not a cheese wall. There is a need for the wall to be designed in a fashion that you aim with the centerpiece and the wall is created with that fixpoint in mind.


The dome is super thin, Rock wall is several meters thick.

I find that if you aren’t aiming near your feet you don’t get many issues. Just don’t hit large creatures, downed players and you should be good.


Just because the “devs” think otherwise does not mean it was done correctly or perfectly. I personally do not like having a hole in my wall. I find it to be better doing no damage and actually walling off hunters than having a hole they can fly and shoot through which completely negates the what the skill is suppose to do.

Maybe we need more time to get use to the skill. Maybe its the perfect skill and we just need to learn more. Maybe it was not done perfectly. Either way, these forums are a great place for discussion.


But why do we need to watch out for this stuff? Why can the wall not just “knock” them back or forward and deploy the wall completely?


True, which is why I am discussing it. No need to get antsy :stuck_out_tongue: I am of the opinion that I would rather have damage than ‘perfect walls’. Perfect walls don’t help as much as damage. If you think about it, putting 3 points into it at stage 1 means you have no skills that do damage.


No damage is out of the question for all monsters on all skills. The reason is the nightmare it is due to balancing.

The basic principle is this imagine a monster with 4 skills. At the end of the game all would deal roughly 25% of your damage. If you now create a new monster with only 3 damaging abilities you need to make sure that although a skill deals no damage that the other 3 - regardless of combination deal the same. Because it is the technical dps needed to beat a healer/shield.

Especially with people edging like 1 point into utility and 8 into damage it becomes a nightmare so it is really just easier to keep giving every skill damage and this is just one of the reasons.


I agree with no damage, the reason to level the skill would diminish significantly.


It already DOES no damage if it makes a big hole that doesn’t hit someone, and in fact is damage for the hunters if it doesn’t make a solid wall! It’s a hindrance. You should never have to take into account every monster, every fucking tree and every “possibly solid” object including friggin’ downed hunters while trying to quickly use an ability in the heat of combat.

It just needs to work. 100% of the time, every time.


First off, nothing should be out of the question for discussion. Just because it is different than every other monster does not mean it has to be the same as all other monsters.

Second, I agree the wall should damage. I also agree it should also be a wall, hence the name of the skill.


Instead of just not spawning when it should, have it push entities towards the side they were closest too (IE, Cabot was closer to the side I am on so when the Rock Wall spawned ontop of him it did damage and pushed him on my side rather than eliminate the entire ability)

Or have it knock-up wildlife that is pouncable or abuctable. So a Canyon Strider is ontop of the rockwall spawn? You get to see it sky-rocket upwards! Same would apply for hunters.


What about Downed Hunters and Large creatures? Those are the biggest offenders for it not working mid combat I find… As it is, it already hurts Hunters and smaller wildlife and ‘pushes’ them one side or the other.


For them, apply the “push” idea I mentioned. The knock-up would be pretty cool to see.

I also noticed if its too close it wont form either, this is incredibly bothersome.


I mean, downed hunters can already be moved by abduction and tongue grab, so the rock wall should also move them.


While I don’t expect rock wall to always completely work (this is the strategic element to the skill,) I have noticed that it often leaves gaps in unexpected places or pieces of it disintegrate a few seconds earlier than the rest. Beyond that, I find the power of rock wall enough that it shouldn’t have the ease of use as a dome; it should be calculated and used with prudence.