The Divison or Rainbow six?


I’m not sure which one to pick >.<

  • Buy the Divison
  • Buy Ranbow Six Siege

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Get division. Then force Luke and Mucle to get it.


Rainbow all the way, The Division seems pretty boring IMO.
The Beta made me want to sleep, or I raged because ppl killed me for no apparent reason in The Dark Zone.


Yesterday Luke said that he might get rainbow six he says that it’s like evolve.

If you play with pubs it’s a bad experience if your with a team then your gonna have fun.

Atm I’m leaning on Division.

Mucle said he will see how it is in release and if you and I buy that will encourage him.

Not sure how to force Luke to buy Divison but I’ll try >.<


I’d say the division if you’re more a casual guy who wants some good action with fast paced content where there’s tons of upgrades & abilities to unlock.i’d say R6S is for more for people with patience and don’t mind slow gameplay or tactical gameplay.

I have RS6 but I’d choose the division personally I played the beta and loved it surprisingly actually and after seeing dev videos and builds I think there’s tons of fun to be had more so than on R6S for me anyway!


None. Get Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne.


i dont like either of them >.<


Rainbow 6 all day. The division was fun for a day, but it got stale and boring real fast. I had a squad for both and I found rainbow 6 to be more fun in the long run.


Buy neither and play more Evolve B)



It’s a hard choice. They’re both very different games overall. That being said, I love rainbow six and play it often. I also participated in the betas for the division and am very intrigued as to what it will bring next.

If you want pure multiplayer, go with rainbow six.

If you want more co-op type gameplay like destiny, division is your game.
Personally, I already rainbow six and will be picking up the division as well.


Like they’ve said, it really depends. I like Siege for the tactical gunfights, but the Division is like the modern Destiny, done better. If I had to pick one, I’d go with Siege, being an fps veteran of almost 7 years. However, the Division still looks really promising.


I have to agree wirh the posts here. R6S for multiplayer and division for a more destiny co-op like experience whichever you would prefer.



if you like games where you actually have to aim then r6. you don’t need aiming skills in division.


Did you use a DMR at all? Those weapons need you to be pretty accurate and even reward your for doing so as they have the highest crit multiplier and crit damage stats of all the weapons in the game.


i play(ed) both games.
division is pure casual without any competitive aim skill.
its not even worth playing on pc.


Sure pal. Let’s ignore what just said. Let’s ignore the fact that weapons in both games have crazy recoil. Let’s ignore the fact that both games reward you for being accurate. Let’s ignore the fact that both games require skill to be effective.


Actually I would say the pubs on R6 are a lot better than Evolve…

With that being said, R6 is more like evolve…you use your tactics, mic’s are a key to winning, and when you die you wait until that round is over so it makes you value your “life” even more. Also, there’s a decent amount of operators right now with more coming–like evolve the maps are free (and the new characters but you just have to spend time playing to use your renown in game money OR you can get the season pass that gets you those characters automatically and early access before they get released to everyone else and some other goodies)
However, one great player can put the team on their back and change the tides. Terrorist Hunt, which is PvE is also a fun mode for when you don’t want to deal with pubs or just want a change of pace. You can go solo against the AI or team up with others; and also increase or decrease the difficulty.

I didn’t play the beta for The Division so I have no input on that game at all…if there’s a GameStop by you though, you could always buy R6 used…try it out and return it within a week. At least that’s how the GameStop’s return policy in my area is…not sure if it varies from state to state but I don’t think it does. So there is that option.


Neither, they are both rather pathetic. The Division is a shit shooter with bullet sponge AI and just overall bad shooting. Then it is way to shallow and small to be a good RPG, which they claim it to be. Then the one thing they use as a selling point is the Dark Zone, and that is by far the worst aspect of the game.
Then Siege follows the basic MP only formula of very little game for the money. Then it is the biggest grind I have ever seen in a game, add that to not so great game modes, makes it a disappointment.


People on R6S are more likely to connect their mics if your talking in gamechat compared to evolve