The Division - OPEN BETA FEB 19TH


If anyone is interested in trying The Division next week is your chance.


XBOX: Feb 18th (24hr early exclusive) - 21st

PS4 + PC: Feb 19th - 21st

How do I access the Open Beta?

Pre-loading begins on Feb 16th

The Open Beta is free and open to everyone. You don’t need a code to enter, simply go to your platform shop, download and play:

XBOX ONE: Go to Games and search for Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta

PS4: Go to the Playstation Store and search for Tom Clancy’s The Division Open Beta

UPLAY PC: Launch Uplay PC, the Division Open Beta will be in your Free Games list

The Division Beta

Can’t wait for this, looks like a really fun game :smile:


oh now they make it free after puting a milion peope on a waitlist


Was really interested in this game, but after seeing gameplay, it looks really grindy. It looks like you just play if in order to lvl up.


@Slewey do you think I would like this game as someone who loved borderlands?


Yeah, if you’ve enjoyed Borderlands, good chances are you’ll like this game. They’re both RPG loot-driven open world shooters.


Yeah I have heard kinda mixed things, but borderlands is one of my favorite games. is it pvp focused or just pve?


A good chunk is PVE, but the Dark Zone offers a mix of PVP/PVE that makes the multiplayer portion pretty fun. If you’re looking for a competitive shooter this isn’t the one. With that said the PVP/PVE concept in the Dark Zone is one of the best experiences I’ve had.

Think of it as Borderlands, but with a proper PVP area added to it.


Yeah I mainly would just want to focus on PVE but the idea of some PVP sounds awesome. Sound like a game for me.


I can’t wait to get all the good gear in the beta before the newbs even have a chance to enter the Dark Zone because of how much time i spent playing the closed beta.


Sadly, this game just isn’t my thing. I played the closed beta to give it a try but I couldn’t get into it. I give just about every game a try but it’s really hit-or-miss if I’ll like it.

A lot of people I know played for hours and hours and love the game though.


Reminder: Open Beta begins for PC and PS4 tomorrow at 4am PST or 7am EST


I love you man… With all my heart

I was about yo go to bed without preloading this and you saved my Friday

All hail!!!


Such a fun game.

This happened in the DZ while I was rogue, my team died and I got cornered in the subway. I had good loot…

Needless to say I died immediately after the screen shot.


Nice screenshot, pretty much nails the whole Rogue thing.


It was flipping terrifying


In got my revolver so my life in the game is complete.
Kind of ran out of things to do in the game…
Hope that’s not a foreshadowing of the full release…


It’s a beta of an RPG game. There’s only so much they could give you over the weekend. Plus they scaled back a lot of stuff in the playable areas.


Well I mean, other than more story missions, what would they do? It’s set in real life so they can’t have crazy weird guns to struggle for…
And the ecounters weren’t that interesting foe me…


Um the Dark Zone? There’s a lot of games that never needed the crazy stuff to even be interesting to begin with. It’s just clearly not the game for you then.