The division beta questions


This is to help anyone who is in the division beta and wants to ask any questions so go on ahead.


How do the dark zones work?


what exactly what are you asking?


like how do you get loot?


Dark Zones is where you transition from Coop/Single Player mode into a mixed PVP/PVE area seamlessly with no loading screens or down time.

In this area you earn ‘Dark Zone Credits’ which is separate from the main game world, which lets you purchase more powerful items from vendors only exclusive in this area. You also have a separate different system in the form of Dark Zone Ranks (basically levels) which is also separate from the main game.

Enemies are stronger in the ‘Dark Zone’, but obviously drop better loot. Loot can also be obtained from ‘Chests’ that requires a ‘Dark Zone Key’ to unlock. These keys can be taken away from you by other players if they kill you.

There’s pretty much full PVP which allows you to backstab team members if you want to kill them for loot or vice versa. If you find loot that is contaminated it cannot be used unless it is extracted by helicopter at designated extraction zones, where you signal for a chopper and have 90 seconds to survive before any players in the vicinity decide to kill whatever loot you have on you.

Players don’t always want to kill you, as other people also have loot they need and might come to extraction zones to use it as well (which I’ve seen happen). Once a player signals for an Extraction, ANY player can use the helicopter to extract their own loot, but only has the capacity to hold loot from 4 players, so if that happens the 5th person can either initiate a kill on another player or find another spot to extract.

If you end up killing innocent players you are then marked as ‘Rogue’ which marks you on the Map for everyone to see and hunt you down. ‘Rogue’ status also has ranks that increases with more penalties as you kill more innocent players within the Dark Zone. The higher the Rank the more items, credits and XP you risk losing and your Rogue status timer increases, so if you want to lose your Rogue status it becomes harder with higher ranks.

Dark Zones to my knowledge hold 24 players in an area and matchmake people in similar levels.



From my experience, you cannot attack party members. Friendly fire is not on as long as you are in a team.


Question for those that have tried the beta, does it look good? Fun? I like what I’ve seen and heard, but haven’t played the beta. I’m kinda stuck between pre-ordering or not.


Graphics wise on the PC it’s pretty damn good, it’s not like the E3 trailers but it’s definitely high quality and there’s lots of graphic options to choose.

If you enjoy RPG Loot-Driven shooters like Borderlands you’ll enjoy The Division. People think it’s a realistic shooter, but it isn’t. The open world is pretty impressive so far since I haven’t encountered any loading screens besides when you die or use fast travel.

Highly recommend you play with friends since that’s the core experience it’s based around, but social features like matchmaking and setting up/finding groups have a positive reception so far.


Is there any customization for the weapons you have, or do you need to get lucky with your loot?


Yeah, each weapon has a certain amount of mod slots you can equip attachments dropped from enemies or found as loot in the game world. It’s a pretty standard customization system like most Shooters where you can attach foregrips, lasers, scopes, magazine types, etc. They add stability, accuracy, hip-fire, reduced-aggro from mobs, etc.

There’s also weapon skins but they’re not common.


Glad for that. I was thinking it may be a bit like Destiny, but I’d like a little more flexibility in the scopes, etc that I can attach. Is it like MGS, in that you can switch to 1st person to ADS if you wish? Or is it purely 3rd person?

The more I read the more likely I feel I am to pre-ordering this. FML.


It’s only Third-Person, but ACOG/Sniper scopes gives you a first person perspective when aiming, Red Dots don’t give you any first person aim as far as I know.


How often is there PvP combat in the Dark Zones?

How long does the beta last for X1?