The difference between a good trapper and a great trapper is

Dome location!

Know where the big wildlife is and don’t dome near them, countless amount of times I’ve been with trappers that throw the dome without any thought and dome us in a cave with a tyrant vs a Behemoth. :sob:


Wow. Thanks for the tip. Never thought about dome location.



Great teams will kill wildlife before fighting.


Wildlife shouldn’t be the trappers concern. The team should be clearing dangerous wildlife in potential dome locations.

Trappers should however be conscious about whether their dome is a loop or not. As far as I’m concerned, if the trapper is throwing more non-loop domes than domes that have loops, they’re doing a good job. If I was a trapper though, I wouldn’t lose a loop dome just because some big wildlife was in there with us. I’d get Assault/Support to help me clear it out quickly.

Just my 2 cents.

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Well yeah obviously with a real team its not much of a concern, but for solo where no one has mics it’s way more of an issue

Gotta say a competent team goes a long ways for a Trapper to excel

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yeah having a good team that can flush as they should is great as a trapper ,puts the monster under pressure and you can hang back,pick your spot then drop the dome without even being spotted as your team rock up to start the pain train.

But a great trapper will know how to play monster and always go for the cut.Wildlife as been said is the teams issue not rocket science to kill anything that can dmg in the dome.

+1. Now that domes come down quick. It’s all about choosing the battlefield wizely and not letting the monster bait you into a bad done.

Mind loops, bad caves and wildlife!


Perfect dome location without loop.

Well… Wildlife isn’t an issue if the monster isn’t actually fighting in the dome !


Not only that, but reading the monster’s intent too. If the monster is stage 1, and they’re slower than they CAN be, and seem to be coming in to engage quite a lot, you can bet your arse that they’re either;

  1. underestimating you
  2. trying to bait a dome because -
    a) the location is favourable
    b) they want to evolve and don’t want to be domed with no armour
    c) the assault is able to keep up well and they are afraid of taking big damage during evolve so want to try and get them down [ties in with b]

Basic stuff.

As a trapper, it helps to also play as monster so that you get an understanding of what monsters will do in certain situations (Or maybe that’s just me).

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Wildlife isn’t a major issue- it takes Torvald/Lenny/Parnell about five seconds to murder a big guy.

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And doesn’t dome when the time isn’t right with regard to buffs too. Hunters need to stop worrying about me not throwing a dome when the monster has a damage buff and full armour, and start worrying more about when the monster is going to turn on them because it’s ready to utilise it’s mega advantage.

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Torvald takes 1 round of mortars, and 1 shotgun round if he’s running cap. Very easy to kill armadons/sloths/beetles.


The problem is when they dome near a big guy and he runs in and catches you by surprise. Hard to kill a beetle when there’s a monster in your face

I guess you’d better be trying to avoid/kill them both then. ^.-

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First, a Trapper must concentrate and visualize his prey.

I’ve gotta embrace the Monster!
I’ve gotta sniff the Monster!
I’ve gotta lick the Monster!
I’ve gotta wash the Monster!
I’ve gotta date the Monster!
I’ve gotta be the Monster!

I’ve got it! I have to see the dome within. With this harpoon, I shall give birth to the Hunt!

(And now I cannot get the image of Spongebob as Griffin out of my head…dammit)


A great trapper realizes hes the second support and he uses his freaking CC, all the time. They should get to the end exp screen and be like " I held the monster down for 2 minutes straight… but what damage?"

unless your jack or crow

The worst is if my friends and I pick up a random Assault, I put the dome down, and a sloth charges into the dome.
Then the Assault doesn’t even try to kill it so Support and I with our puny weapons have to take a chunk of dome time to kill it, while Medic babysits the Assault that thinks he’s Rambo.

No -.^ Trappers should contribute damage too. They should know when to CC and when to damage. If Maggie has traps down, she should switch to damage. Once traps run low (~3/4) plant more. If the field of battle moves far from the traps, move the traps. You have 1 minute, so you want to maximize your damage during that duration.

Trappers should be dealing damage too, unless they’re someone like Griffin who needs to actively use his CC. Maggie/Abe can damage after blanketing and Jack/Crow can damage whilst recharging/stasis is in effect.

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