The Devs Have Been Flarked!

Please don’t read that title the wrong way, heh. Flark is the name of this little monster:

I just finished making him. I sew everything by hand since I don’t have a machine and I’m not the best stitcher…but he came out pretty cute and I named him Flark. I stick him in people’s faces or troll their spaces and say…you’ve just been Flarked! It was really fun driving home from Wisconsin and popping him sneakily up in the car window at people. He makes for a happy little troll monster that I hope the devs will give a good home to. Try not to fight over him since he is fragile and would cry if you pulled his tail off! Rumor has it he loves cupcakes and cookies and the latest pizza abomination from Pizza the Hutt…the hot dog bites pizza, probably the most American food ever made…perfect for hungry monsters that care not about their pot bellies or bowels! I figure the devs could always use a pick-me-up and Flark is a nice hug-able size for those bad days when it seems like reading the forum, stream chats, or working out the game bugs is just too much to deal with.
He already has a very nice helping of pug hairs all woven about his plush body. Nothing I can do about that. Pug hairs get into literally everything. He brings you a little slice of Mugsy the pug love. He seems to not have a nose but he can smell quite well, hence his big toothy grin…he’s always seeking out tasty 3-meat or 3 sugar treats.

I don’t know why I gave him human looking feet…it just sorta happened. But they help him stand up really well since they are so big.

Flark has a big heart he wears on his sleev-er-chest, and hopes to become a mascot for the devs cubicles and get passed around the office space. Don’t tickle his belly button or he might accidentally chomp your hand!

Who has a waggy butt…you have a waggy butt! He’ll be seeing the devs soooooon!


That is the most adorable creation I have ever seen


iTS SO CUTE I WANT IT SHIWDHISHD whidhiwhdijwidjidjiwhdwd

Soooooo adorable!

@Chloe @Shaners

Don’t forget to show Flark on stream so we know he made it home safely!


It’s beautiful

T5 confirmed

flips a table
throws money at the screen

Good job though! He’s adorable!
flies off


Everything about this makes me happy; hope he makes it there quickly and safely! ^u^





Flark is so flarkin’ cute!


It’s the most beautiful thing!!


I cannot wait to cuddle this little guy. He will be well loved.


Changed this to community content fan art.
Is this close enough?

Awwwwwwwwwww! I love him already!

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you’re very creative!

I wouldn’t mind sympathy barfing rainbows sometime! Seems awesome. Maybe that can be one of Flark’s special attack abilities.

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T6 Monster confirmed!

…The flark is a Flark anyways? Iz it Stage 3?

Make sure you include cleaning instructions. Because that thing is going to get covered in love.

Does that sound weird?.. I feel like it does.

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You did quite well, Sledge. ^.^

Maybe just a little…


Anyway, Sledge, I must politely inform you of one thing:

It’s awesome.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! he’s so!!! cute!!! :two_hearts:

He looks like a grimlin, an ogre, and a puppy put together.

You have officially received the RRG seal of awesome approval :thumbsup: