The devs did the same thing with death spiral that they did with lightning strike!


They updated the extra meters on the death spiral but did not update the visual. Yet another ability I can’t tell if I’m dodging till I know I’m being damaged!


I think TU9 will fix the animations for both Kranks.

the MP only changes data values like damage, radius, cooldown, etc. It doesn’t effect visuals.


One of the reasons it took so long for the micropatch to release was because they FX crew had to change the Lightning Strike visual to better read to players. I’m pretty sure it got in on time, anyway.

To the OP: Did it really not update? It looked much bigger from my hunter perspective and I’ve heard others comment on it looking much more massive, but I guess it could just be us thinking it’s bigger.


It’s not about it not looking bigger it’s us not standing in it about 2-3 meters out and getting hit.


I recommend shortening the title, making it a tad more descriptive and coming across a tad less salty. That’s just me though.