The Development of Evolve


Interviewer: “So Brandon, why do you you’re a perfect fit for Lead Designer of Evolve?”

GentlemanSquirl: “Because I’m better at the game that you designed.”

Interviewer: “That took guts, we need guts, I’m promoting you.”



If you have an interest in something and you work your butt off to prove yourself, we try to give you more and more of the work you want. As long as you don’t screw up, we keep on going.

@GentlemanSquirl initially gave me lots of very high level/pro player feedback on balance, meta game, etc. all during Evolve development and especially after launch. Then he started to paying a lot of attention to the new player experience and giving feedback on that.

After a bunch of DLC’s, I needed to move onto a different project so we posted a job for a lead designer who could help with Evolve. Brandon said he wanted the job. I was really comfortable working with him. We had already developed a lot of trust so we decided to try it out for a while.

Two months later I was hardly involved in Evolve at all and that is something that is really valuable to me. The less I need to worry about, the better. I have plenty on my plate already. Brandon comes and talks to me when he wants to. Gives me updates, asks what I think about particular things. I go to him when I have an idea or when I don’t like how something feels in the playtests. It’s been working out well so as long as he wants to keep doing it, he gets to.

He also built the balance team, pulling pro players from the community to play the hell out of the game and make tuning adjustments along with studying the telemetry. These guys all work together to do a much better job than I could do alone.


Is that where he got the inspiration for Bobs design from?


This is probably the most underrated resource that companies have. The changes have improved a lot since you guys took pro players from the community.

I’m curious, do designers require any sort of programming experience?

Thanks for the response!


It varies by company and project. We have a designer here who can code and that has proven valuable. I have a level design background but started as a texture artist. Brandon obviously worked on character modeling. Game design tends to be one of those things you work into. It’s not like art, where you can put together a visual portfolio, or code, where you can do an engineering test.

We have had designers apply with game design docs, but you can’t really tell a lot by those. TRS traditionally doesn’t like to write design docs because it stifles the team’s creative input potential. Other studios are completely different though.


This is awesome, someone animated the backstory of TRS


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Hello Kathryn, whatcha want?


Awesome awesome art. If my art was left to collect dust i wpuld be sad.

This has a lot of must see infor f9e our new Evolvers




I wish we could see more of the development. But I don’t think @MacMan is on as much anymore. :frowning:


Characters sure looked like idiots xD


I want to play Metamorphosis :persevere:
Also I thought there should be a Trapper that could put cameras on wildlife and they could check the camera, but transparently that was a concept you should still add it though


So this may be a bad idea but…
Founders get Metamorphosis


I like it. I really like it.


Wouldn’t it be GREAT!!!

All your early consepts look very appealing, it's a shame they didn't make the cut.

But maybe there’s hope to see them in Evolve 2?


Concept art of the ‘Host’ by Stephen Oakley:


I do love the final Host design, but I think I like the parasite/corpse monster design better for the concept.


So beautiful. I want to buy. Get it done T_T