The Development of Evolve

  1. I brought up loading times once.

  2. They don’t bother me.

  1. OK
  2. OK
  3. Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue:


They could put a fence that wasn’t breakable and you could just look at it, maybe, and then you’d take damage from acid.

Edit: by it I mean the lava


Stephen Oakley, an old concept artist at TRS, recently posted some old wildlife designs on his Artstation:


Had no idea he left TRS. He always had the funniest voices on the streams.


He works at Sony now.
Just like Jay Hill works at Respawn Entertainment.


These old maps would be great in Stage 2!


I want Jay to design my Evolve tattoo…or Brandon. Hey @GentlemanSquirl are you taking commissions?!


I am out of the art game man. Plus, I wouldn’t do as good of a job as Oakley or Hill, they have far better 2d skills than I had.


Mike Brainard, a Weapon Artist, posted more on his Artstation:


Ok, so where exactly is the trigger on that thing?


Who needs a trigger?


I think it’s a part of the back handle


I have wondered that since launch.



The jetpacks work because of a chip implant right? Why not weapons?


Not sure if that’s official, but I’m thrilled that my theory is held in such high esteem.


I seriously need to do an art trade with Oakley…or everyone doing evolve art, ammirite?


Weren’t you the 3D modeler? I find it interesting someone who did art transitions straight into lead designer, how did you land that spot? Is it normal for that to happen in the game industry?


I don’t know how normal it is, honestly. After the first launch of Evolve, I played it a lot, got deep into the mechanics and a position opened for a design spot on Evolve and I applied for it. It’s been a wild ride for sure.