The Development of Evolve


I have a question!

I do apologize if this has been covered!

Recently I watched a video, that included footage for the movie gremlins.
It totally occurred to me that the Mogwai in the movie “Evolve” after eating food past 12
Not only that, but when they “Evolve” they actually go into an egg like state and hatch.

Again I’m sorry if this was covered, but does anyone know if that had any influence on the idea of how the monsters “eat, and then evolve”???

Super curious!!!


Some fun early concept art I came across for some early monsters in that thread about assets. Thought I’d put them here for those who missed it.

I noticed I haven’t ever seen the Rocky/Behemoth early concept in color before. Has anybody seen a full version of this one?

Double Ended honeyglazed laser stallion is still by far the most powerful of them all though.


Ever heard of buttstalion


Is that supposed to be the Host on her necklace? Or is that some sort of cthulhu?

I never thought it would be that if it’s true.


After all this time, basicly 3 years after evolve was released we found the only easter egg refrencing the Host.


Well, we don’t know for certain. The Host does exist in the Evolve universe and has sacked other planets according to @Matthew, so I doubt it.

@Dovahkick, can you maybe zoom in on that and then screenshot it? I would but I’m on a crummy school laptop.


Kinda has back legs so it looks… Like a spider? Maybe a widow?


I always thought it was just someone on a horse.


Here’s another more frontal picture of it taken from the character turnaround!
caira necklace

I think this might be showing the Roman goddess Diana (or her Greek counterpart Artemis) with a deer, a spear and a cypress twig being her attributes.
I could be wrong, but that’s what the history enthusiast in me sees at least. :stuck_out_tongue:


i like to see it as a easter egg of the host. But if it is a roman godess or something like it, it would still be cool.


Also (And dont target me for this) as a christain , i alwasy wanted to know if lazurus’s name and consept had any connection to the biblical Lazurus.

(Context : One of Jesus’s best friends was name Lazurus and he died of a fatal sickness, this upsetted Jesus so much that he actually cried and after he was emotional he brought Lazurus back from the dead.)

As lazurus (in reverse) brings you back from the dead?


I am almost certain that the reasoning behind naming Lazarus (and the Lazarus device) in Evolve was due to the biblical account, but I wouldn’t say it goes any farther than that.


Thats what i ment.


Stumbled across these bad boys:

Yo Torvald, you er…you get a new haircut or something?

Open question to the devs, what did Liquid Development do on Evolve? I did not expect to see those iconic red boxes whilst browsing through artist portfolios.

(link to their website:


Do you know the dates these were posted?


I believe we contracted out some character concept refining work, but I wasn’t in that department. @SlabOMeat would actually know what was done for what.


Sigh… I miss evolve. I just wish Greedy companies like EA and 2K would just go away.


Sadly, it’s the only thing publishers see when they buy a licence, a game, etc…


I finally found some good shots of Rocky. Just thought I’d share them here since I haven’t found any around elsewhere!


Doesn’t seem so bad for a concept. Is that a second head I see on his left shoulder?