The Development of Evolve


I’m not sure if it was ever officially stated, but I was under the impression that the top one was a lower stage, then it’s face opens up at stage 3 to look like the bottom one.

In my mind stage one would have the feel of “this was a human once”, stage two would be “look at this hideous amalgamation of every other monster”, and stage three would suggest “oh shit, this thing is so much father beyond anything else”.


If only 2K had the decency to let TRS atleast add THAT monster…


I don’t think that was ever stated but I am 100% on board with that being the case. That concept is really cool.


Thought I’d throw a little somthing I made while inspired by some early gorgon concept art.

Made this over the course of roughly several hours.


Found a collection of concept art and some 3D models from TJ Frame. Lot of cool stuff in the link.

^ This image of Torvald looks pretty badass. @Torvald_Stavig


Some animation showreels. First one by David Gibson, second by Sonny Santa Maria


damnnn look at that fuckin hair lmfao


Damn, I wish that last goliath animation was actually part of the game. That really reminds me of Peter Jackson’s king Kong remake.


Was probably changed as it would have required use of cloth/hair sim. :stuck_out_tongue:


The one from the second video? I think it used to be the Goliath’s death animation, or at least part of it was.


I think he means the fight with the Tyrant, and yes it could’ve been really could.


Yeah, I was referring to the tyrant fight animation. It looks like King Kong killing off the V-rex.


In fact, I always thought that the goliath would be able to rip off a Tyrant’s jaw with bare hands.

I also thought about making a scene of Edward saving a hunter from a Tyrant in my development, but can’t handle the creation of big gifs with big frames…and it’d also need me an eternity to draw the morphology of the two beasts and animate them together.


That would have been amazing. Shame it got so far just to be cut.


It would of been so cool to play metamorphosis. But i know it would of been impossible to make into a public version… :frowning:


This rare bit of concept art came to light on company email several days ago.


Lol, I wonder who did this.


A fucking legend, that’s who.



My god

This is legendary!!!

Also, double_ended_honeyglazed_laser_stallion.jpg is the best file name ever. My new favorite cryptid.


Hmm, me too. I’m afraid to ask, since I didn’t even try to find out before posting it here without permission so… yeah

Enjoy it while you can :sweat_smile: