The Development of Evolve


Winfield looks like an assault, so I’d also take him.

Galahad and Boon remind me of Slim too much though. Shotguns, the stance, but I’m so happy that they all have tactical vests on.


Well, that’s upsetting, DId anyone rob a transcript?


Red posted some concept character sketches on his Artstation account


1st pic: I definitely see Bucket.

2nd & 4th: Cabot, a little since the extended gun barrel.

3rd: Slim.

so noice.


Wait, does that mean that the artists who worked in the TRS team are working secretly on the characters of Evolve that were planned?
That’s so awesome! NO, that’s not awesome, that’s amazing! Or maybe I misunderstood…


Daniel Stultz’s concept art, just cause I like having all the concept art in the thread itself.


Those enviroments are fucking gorgeous


Until we see actual footage from TRS’s new game, I’m just going to use these for what it could look like. Has nice visual style while keeping it from DIsney (snake with arrows in first pic, tattoos of 2nd pic, the creature from 3rd pic is plain cool, and 4th pic has very nice lighting and a lot of character).


I always look for “Red” in the emails and Confluence, but then can’t find him. I didn’t know his real name until about 4 months after I started at TRS. I even get a little brain hiccup each time I read the name Daniel lol


John Gotch Phantom Wraith Sculpts. I think these might be somewhere above since another post has another sculpt, but the images don’t work for me so I have no idea.


That last one made me think of


Hard to choose a favorite, honestly. I also love the skull face and plated back so reminiscent of Carnifex Tyranids. I rather like the sledge-head Wraith too.


I have a preference for the fin on her back, it gives both an aquatic and an aerodynamic form for her.


Lovely show, damn shame it was so short.


Seeing how close we were to a wraith adaptation makes me seriously confused as to why 2K would cut the contract so suddenly. It’s odd. I can’t see any reason for it if the progress was going well :confused:


Money probably. I doubt 2K were involved with any of the development itself, only the overarching financial stuff. So they probably didn’t know much about what TRS were working on.


Yeah probably.


I bet that they didn’t care instead. 2K is one of the biggest gaming companies in America and in the world, so it’s obvious that their goal is to accumulate money to the highest possible and surpass other companies. When there’s competition, there’s always something wrong happening for the sake of outpacing the other one.

That’s also why independant companies are the best, there’s less/no competition.


Probably, but let’s not derail this thread any further.

I hadn’t realised the top-right was also meant to be Kali. I prefer the faceless design bottom-left, seems a lot more ominous. The top version just looks like another monster but the bottom one hints at something else, something more powerful.

As for the Wraith sculpts, I quite like the bony ones. Adds to the phantom feel.


I actually can’t decide which one I like better. The one on the top really gives it that amalgamation look, like things have been forced together. It looks unnatural, like the parts used aren’t supposed to blend, making it look painful. The bottom one gives off a lovecraftian, otherworldly entity vibe. Ugh… I just wish we got to see it come to fruition, I don’t like the fact that this is all we’ll ever see of these designs.