The Development of Evolve


Now that’s impressive I must say


More concept art by TJ Frame.




Velvet Worm



I think Scott Flanders. Would have to search again though.

Edit: @Valeofnight, the artist is TJ Frame.

Who here wanted the Velvet Worm in the game?

#3 and 4 are my favorites!!

Tagging @GoGoGoliath


4 is definitely badass.

but not as badass as my Emetbae<3


I saw! I loved their designs.


I wonder how the devs choose between the differents artworks they will work with ?
Is the are a vote system, a debate, or something else ? And if there is a debate what are the points you are talking about ? How is easy to work on, how the artwork fit what we think about the characters, etc…?
I’m not sure if I’m clear.

Edit : Oops didn’t see there was a month of break sorry.


I think this is one of the few threads where necro’s don’t count.


Now I’m thinking of Necro-Lazarus and now I’m sad :frowning:


Usually it’s a decision made by the art team, the art producer and whoever is overseeing the project.
We keep concepts and progress screenshots up on tool called Confluence, and people with access can comment or suggest things. We’re always talking about the designs and suggesting new things.


In addition to what you said, I’ve also seen a couple of polls (regarding either silhouettes or more finished concepts) go company-wide.


Oh yeah, I’ve seen a couple of those.
Especially in the early stages when you’re trying to narrow down the scope of the character.


Well bless you all for giving Emet a sexy bod.

I mean they all look good, but the 2nd from the right is clearly the best suited for Glitter.


I admit, the 2nd concept is ridiculous. It’s like when they added pink Bucket.


I like Galahad and Boon!


What designs where!?


Ask Sledge


What design where oh Painter of sledges!?


Hey, was in game dialogue for Gorgon planned? On console I never heard any, and I cannot speak for stage 2 on PC.


Hunter dialogues involving gorgon where planned but i believe they needed the full cast of VO available in order to record it.