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Mike Brainard, weapon artist at TRS


Those are quite cool, and I finally got my hands on a full-detail Torvald Shotgun. Thanks!


Takran petition now have 7,000 supporters.


That is great and all, and I’m not saying this to be mean, but I think most people have just decided to bite the bullet and move on. It’s sad, I know. I didn’t wanna myself.


I’m always glad to see the support over there! I have no idea if it’ll actually do anything, but that certainly sounds impressive!


I do hope the petition helps somehow, I’d love to see TRS get evolve back.


We all do :abe::bucket::cabot::cabot_battle::caira_diaz::crow::electro_griffin::emet::gobi::griffin::hank::hank_techsgt::hyde::jack_mask::kala::lazarus::lennox::maggie::maggie_wasteland::markov::markov_bl::paladin_parnell::quantum_caira::renegade_abe::slim::sunny_face::torvald::val::val_rogue:


2K :


I believe it.


I will resurrect this thread with the power of MUSIC


Open questions to the artists here (tagging @skills4u2envy as she’s the only TRS artist on the forums I remember).

Was browsing Artstation and I came across this (that red bar in the bottom-right corner drew my eye like a moth to a flame).

Got me wondering how these textures are made. I presume they are tiled but how big is a single tile?

How do you approach creating a texture that will tile? For the jungle one it looks easier to blend the edges but what about the rocky one?

When applied, is the depth created purely through things like bump maps or are there a few actual polygon shapes thrown in?


I’ve never seen this kind of art. What is it, and for what purpose if it’s in the game? And it indeed looks interesting for the way it’s been made.


It’s some of the textures applied to the ground. The top one is probably from Broken Hill Foundry. I think software showcases the texture on a sphere or a cube.


Sounds legit.


That’s Kurt’s work, he does a lot of texturing work for the studio in Substance Designer.

When creating the environments the artist will make sure the UVs are tileable for whichever parts we know are going to have these textures applied. I’m not sure how large a space in Evolve these were, but ultimately they can be as big as you can without losing details because there is a limit.

These are PBR sets so they have multiple maps applied and (I think) it’s a height map that’s made so that it doesn’t appear flat. Then of course there are the set-dressing pieces that are added on top of the ground like plants, rocks, trees, etc.


PBR? What does that mean?

And how did Kurt actually make the texture, is it a collection of photos taken that were then spliced together? 'cause it all looks really good.

Thanks for the response.


PBR is Physically Based Rendering
Basically you have a set of textures you create and then compile together into one “material.” Those images Kurt has on his Artstation are the finished materials. This video explains how each texture affects the look of the PBR material.

Everyone has their own workflow for making materials, I’m not sure how Kurt makes his. Usually it’s a combination of photos the artist takes and work in Substance with Zbrush.


I presume the finished material is what gets loaded into the engine and then used to texture for the objects. That makes sense.

As a side note, the things you can do with normal / bump / etc maps is crazy!


Yep, that’s what I deal with most as a Character Artist. I make a high poly model that is millions of tris and super pretty, then create the low poly that is usually about 20,000 tris for humans and bake the details from the high to the low poly.

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