The Development of Evolve


Have yet to figure out how one can mutate themselves to do that.

He must have evolved to stage 2


Some sculpts and concepts by John Gotch.

Phantom Wraith back sculpts


I’m screaming, these look amazing!

EDIT: @GentlemanSquirl - you were the variant man, right? which of these were you guys leaning toward using?


The last one should have made it into the game


I agree. I love the beetle face it has going on! I wish it had gotten properly contracted.


So P.Wraith was rather far into development when Stage 2 was canned? That’s a bummer.


Nostalgia… ._. Wanted so bad that all variants could get released in time


God I wish this game could get a fresh start.


I think that if evolve started as a free to play, now we would have evolve full of variants and still in trs hands. This doesn’t mean that evolve legacy was bad. I think that in these years, if a game aims at multiplayer popularity, it must be innovative and free to play


I dunno about that. Overwatch is a huge success and it is only multiplayer.
It really comes down to the fact that there was too much content behind paywalls and people didn’t think $60 was worth the price tag, they generally said that $30 was more reasonable.


Concept art by Daniel McGowan


I’m so glad that even if we may never get our phantom wraith, atleast we now know what it may have looked like :slight_smile:


I would like to ask any of the team members who worked on evolve stage 2 at TRS and when it all came down to it

Was Evolve a Monster Game first first?

Basically what came first. Goliath or the hunters when making programming choices?


The game was first called “Metamorphosis” until the concept was scrapped out to then be renamed “Evolve”. The first monster was called “Scorpid” and it looked kinda like a big crab, the model then changed progressively to look like the Goliath until it completely transformed into the actual goliath.
And yes, it was first a monster game with the same concept, like you said.
I think it was the monster that was programmed first because the concept of the hunters was easy to imagine and to do.


I’d love to play metamorphosis one day. Wasn’t there a playable version completed but never released?


The devs were able to play the game and record it, but I think it has never been released. See further in this thread because there is a lot of their videos about the game.


"But I think it has never been released"
Yeah that’s why I said it was never released.
Because it wasn’t released.
That’s why I’d like to be able to play it one day, because we haven’t been able to.


Vehicle renders by Matt Olsen.

Water Truck

Tug Ship

Cargo Lift

Scent Masking Ship

Rescue Ship

Ebonstar Recon Ship

Fueling Ship

Flat Cart

Dump Truck

Cargo Ship


All Terrain Vehicles

Mining Machine

Drilling Machine

Tree Cutter


I hope that evolve wont stay dead. Press E to revive. :bucket_salute:


I really wonder how would look like the props from CIG9, EbonStar, Salveron, Rank-Rajat and Celestial if there was.