The Development of Evolve




Hooo, I forgot those “…just right” draws, too bad @Takran stopped drawing them.


The second Val looks awesome. Would have loved that.


I will finish these at some point. I promise! :blush: I just need to get some personal stuff in order first.


You know…
If we aren’t ever going to see evolve completed… The more I think about it the more I think I’d rather not know.
Ignorance is bliss as they say.
Perhaps it is better we hope and not know rather than have 2K tell us that it’s not being worked on again…
Only time will tell.


Goliath prototype by Kurt Papstein. The final product is great, but I really like the way the hands and chest are structured to be just off of humanoid.


Beautiful design. If only we could switch between the different models that were made…

Also, you guys and gals remember the petition? Well, an artist-friend of mine started a petition to take down a site that has stolen his art and is trying to sell it. Anyone mind helping out?

(I know it’s not gonna help evolve, but I feel we can atleast use our numbers to do some good for other things while we wait for evolve)


sure i’ll help


Thanks, we appreciate it :slight_smile:


Is the person who did the art for this game active on here?


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Hmm, “Person”?

Persons. LOTS of them. Art for what exactly?

Say Something Random 5.1

After all we humans did with just one thumb,
just imagine what Goliath’s society must be like?

I wonder what their video game controllers look like?


For all intents and purposes companies are considered to be a person or persons.

Legally that is and when it comes to permitting, etc.


Yeah but they outsource a lot of art to individual persons so there are lots of them.


It actually looks kinda like they have two thumbs. One on each side of the hand.

Double sided controllers? That would be cool…4 control sticks!


Yup, a thumb on each side. Fun fact, the final Goliath has the same sort of hand structure, it’s just less obvious.


[quote=“Sidewaysgts, post:1457, topic:23975”]
LOTS of them. Art for what exactly?


Uhm. Neat? Sorry. Don’t know what to respond to that lol