The Development of Evolve


Gee, I wonder why.

(Also, am I the only one who thinks “Stranger things” is really similar to Evolve?


The gorgon looked like the monster in a way, which they also called gorgon lol.


The similarities have crossed my mind.


Not to mention, it was a horrifying creature from another dimension.


Just wait till season 2. They bring in a kaiju-sized spider monster.


Not the only one. I made a thread about it a while ago :smiley:


That trailer was amazing, I’m so hyped!


Ikr? Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Thought I’d but this here so some of you can see this.
I was inspired by both tardigrades and evolve while making this and thought it portrayed the way the monsters see our universe :slight_smile:


What is that from?


Well, from me. I made it in blender. At the time, I was trying to come up with a design for some kind of entity that would have been able to survive the end of the universe, and then I started thinking of tardigrades and evolve, and then I ended making that.


I just wanted to say one finale little thing to everyone here. No, I’m not leaving, I just feel I haven’t accepted evolve may be done. So, I will give my last regards to it, before accepting this fact.

Even though we see that life itself is short, there is still so much more.
When something happens that makes you sad, it can open up a door.
So while given time both man and gods alike will turn to dust, our mark will live forever on.
So now we sing goodbye to evolve, and pray it will live on.


I keep coming back to this game no matter how many times i try to quit. During the server crisis i met so many players and now I get to play legacy as well thanks to them. I’ll probly never stop playing evolve. Its depth is just too awesome and the gameplay and characters are so unique compared to any other game.
Call me detached from reality, but I still have hopes that 2k will some day give us a patch, even if its a minor one.


You kinda switch back and forth on your opinion,eh ?


Not sure how that opinion relates to me liking the game. I still strongly believe that btw

Me liking the game =/= me considering them competent, those are 2 completely different things.


Concept art by Jeff Zugale. Not sure what’s going on with “Blind Squirrel games” though.

Elite Characters:

Interior props:



Station Tower

Beach Sunset

Swamp Crash Site


Hunting Camp


Fabulous stuff! Thank you for linking these!


The time stamp on when most of these got posted is a month ago…this could mean these are all fresh designs. There is still a 2K copyright on the images despite the Blind Squirrel Games icons…it almost makes me feel like…dare I say…Blind Squirrel is another studio that possibly could be picking up Evolve with 2K? As in, another studio 2K hired? If that were true though, this would all be breaking some kind of NDA for the artist to post these for sure…I am sure I am just wishful thinking and pulling for straws, hoping Evolve comes back again.


This is all older stuff. We worked with several artists and programmers from Blind Squirrel Games throughout the development of Evolve. Evolve was a massive effort: we had several contractors and external studios help us out especially near initial launch.


Just curious,what that your budget or 2K
You don’t have to answer this question