The Development of Evolve


Some more concept art by Stephan Oakley:






Art by Scott Flanders:







"Trappers sport sweeping dusters, trench coats and gillie suits to reinforce their role as pursuers via secondary animations. The variety of shapes and scale within the assault class are meant to reinforce the uniqueness of these characters, who are brave (or crazy) enough to engage a 15 foot monster face to face. They are particularly special individuals, including psychic warr[text cut off] Medics embodied sturdiness and defensive capability, while rounded forms suggest some level of empathy or gentleness. The support class, or ‘Combat IT’, are laden with gear. Tool belts, cables, and wires protrude from a bottom heavy frame which is meant to reinforce the role of this class as the resourceful foundation of the hunter team.




Evolve, In Conclusion: The Timeline, The Hunters, and The Monsters (Update: Production discontinued while I work on bigger project)

I don’t really dig the monsters merging with machines but I love the design for Gargoyle, and of course Kali! These sketches are quick renders and yet so full of detail and personality.


Art by Kurt Papstien



“Had an idea that she could drop the fetus, and when she dies, the player would respawn into the baby and rapidly grow. Pretty sure the idea was cut.”





Art by Nick De Spain





Also, I’m not sure if this list of monster sketches is for Evolve or not, so I’m summoning @Macman to clear it up.


Assets by Galen Davis


…Okay, that ain’t right.


Mike Brainard put Markov’s Assault Rifle on his Artstation:


Seeing some of the concept art makes me wonder, what if the monsters were bigger? Like a lot bigger? Can you imagine a 4v1 with monsters as big as Shadow of the Colossus?


@TRS_iiiil0liiii just uploaded a VFX reel yesterday if anyone is interested and wants to take a look at some super awesome work :smiley:


Lots of cool little details I didn’t notice before, like the trails of darkness on the Kraken’s melee attacks, the thread linking the Gorgon and the Mimic, and the fact that the Banshee Missile is the eye of Sauron.


I always liked the bullpup design.


gorgeous stuff!


Well here’s something I never expected to see and wish I hadn’t either


That made me giggle.


@Azmi_Anuar will appreciate that :wink:


I’m literally laughing out loud OMG!! :laughing: :joy:

edit: my reaction was priceless. next time someone tags me I’ll try and record myself.


that’s monster love right there.


I remember the devs talking about how that was originally what the animation was, and they were all, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST,” so they decided to change it.


im imagining something like this is currently ongoing for the DD, aka upcoming dark fantasy coop fps