The Developer strategy and it's glaring weakness


If you don’t know what the strat is they pull it off pretty well in this game. Gameplay with Sacriel as Assault
Basically its a game of constantly cutting off the monster. The flaw I see in this is that a monster can use this against the hunters. It’ll take skill to be able to read when they’re cutting you off, but if you can read it happening you’ll likely be the one outplaying them. They also tend to have poor damage mitigation if they aren’t playing the double beam comp, and a good monster should exploit this.


Dunno what you mean.Strategy is simple.Surround Monster so it can’t get away.Always be 2 so the monster can’t pounce you.Seems good.


It seems that people think this is the godsend of all strategies. I’m just saying that it has counterplay a monster just hasn’t employed it yet.


are we discussing how to bring down the devs? im sure most of us have a plan thought out. but until I have success im not spilling the beans so they can read it lol


So your saying that if you see it coming, you can pull off some sort of counterplay. What counterplay exactly?


We’ll see. While I don’t doubt there is counterplay, a good team covers eachother for that reason. The best teams I played against were the ones that split up and it was hard to try and ‘attack’ one of the pairs. Go after the medic/assault and they are buying time for trapper/support to catch up. This is the best pair to go after as you might be able to hurt the medic enough before domed. However, going after trapper/support is a waste. They’ll dome you and stealth and avoid until everyone is brought back up. It’s a very solid strat.


Yes of course there is a counter play.For sometime if you know it they are split-pushing you try to go fast into 1 pair.Kill someone quickly so they get a penalty death.If you are a good Monster and attacking assault+medic the medic can go down somewhat fast.

Ofc there is a counter-play.The split-push isn’t a guarantee sucessfull plan.


Wish I had photoshop on this computer so I could illustrate, but I’ll explain as best as I can. At this point the monster needed to see the jetpack of the trapper, and run east not north. The terrain in this section would have allowed the monster to escape a dome even if the trapper landed perfect jetpack usage. The monster should know if the trapper isn’t behind him he’s likely trying to cut him off (Just something you have to learn when playing against good teams). Little things like that decide who win and lose the game.


This isn’t actually their strategy. It is simply the foundation on which their other strategies are executed. It most likely will remain the popular foundation until we find a hunter or hunters capable of solo escaping the monster.

But you are right that, when improperly executed, an observant monster can capitalize on the two man split.


No strategy is unbeatable, but this one DOES WORK PRETTY WELL. It’s a strategy used by REAL ACTUAL HUNTERS used since the times when people were hunters/gatherers. In Evolves case you rely that your pursuit applies enough pressure for the monster player to make mistakes out of pure panic, but of course there’s numerous ways to counter the pincers. I don’t really see the point of this thread.


MAST Split? That thing is infallible, I swear. Yes, it will develop counter play strategy down the line, but even then, it has no real weakness. I mean, Trapper CCs and Domes the Monster, and Support protects him while dealing some damage. Assault and Medic show up soon enough and bang.

EDIT: Bang as in there you go, not the… other, thing. Yeah. Sorry.


I already know what to do in that case lol.If i smell 2 people that means they are splitted.Just run and find the assault medic.If you are stage 2 you can kill whichever medic pretty fast.

It won’t work if 4 hunters are near.Just go in a place in the map that it will be in your favor so the trapper/support will have to run for more than 15 seconds to reach you.15 seconds is more than enough to kill a medic who will only have the assistance of assault.


That is actually true. While the Support can protect the Trapper, Medic is vulnerable. Huh.


oh if u know they dont have val you can just blow by them lol. its not like they can stop you. even with val a good use of traversals will get you out of there. and the trapper should be way far behind. I hate when i guess the silouette wrong and walk straight into the trapper lol.


And i just thought this.My English are not good enough to tell you exactly what i mean.

No matter what medic is its still doable.Assault can’t slow you down or trap you or harpoon you.

I’ll try make a picture of how i mean it exactly.


Once you realize what’s going on and if you realize it(it needs some skill aswell from understanding who is who by smelling,Mostly assault cause his shilouette is most recognizable) you should start RUNNING the way i have made that arrow to reach assault+medic.That way the other 2 has to run sometime to reach you.Even with jetpack it will take sometime more than 10 seconds

(Drawing was never my strong card)


That big rock should be training grounds for everyone new to the “cutting off” concept. I myself bring it up very often and seen others do it too(you included :slight_smile: )


Ah the chess matches. Everything can be countered. As always, recognize, adapt, evolve.


It shall hereby be known as the Training Rock Simulator in honor of TRS.


Plan, plan, plan. Pffttt, we’re monsters! Use your killer instincts and not even our creators (the devs) can beat us!