The Dev Hunter tactic everyone should know


Before a week ago I hardly ever watched TwitchTV. Once streamers got early access to Evolve, I was on Twitch for an absurd amount of time watching people play Evolve. Some streamers were playing with the devs themselves, and you could instantly tell the devs were on another level. It was fun watching cocky streamers pounding their chest stating that they are “the best monster player on Twitch”, and then get curb stomped by a dev hunter team. Which is to be expected, they have been playing their own game for 3+ years.

While some of the subtleties of the dev play will simply take time and practice, there was one major dev tactic that hunter teams can start employing right away. Basically hunters split up into 2 teams of 2 hunters. One team has the Assault and the Medic. The other Trapper and Support. The Assault/Medic team (we need names for these teams) chases and corrals the monster, while the Trapper/Support team cuts off the monster and traps him. It sounds simple, but can be hard to coordinate. However, once you see it work in game, it becomes obvious that this is what you need to do to win as hunters. No more endless, fruitless chases to stage 3, and hunters to a larger degree can now dictate where the fight will happen.


Below is a simple graphic to explain this tactic. It can be very painful trying to explain this to random players right before and during the match, but hopefully this picture can explain it better and quicker.

Monster seems over powered!?
All DGL monster footage for Team Redundancy Squad

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Yes, now everyone do that whilst I sneak up the middle…


This should be stickied. Most people are still just running behind the monster in circles. I try to tell people (especiall trapper) to do this but no one ever follows me.


It’s medic and Assaults job to make sure you don’t. If they stop hearing or seeing you or if your tracks suddenly disappear. They’ll be vocal about it and we’ll fan out from there.

@Bambe is like a jedi against sneaker types.


You say that sir, and I don’t doubt your skills (I can still be victorious) if every pubs team attempted that their lack of communication would help me tons.


Just call it a MAST Spread, Medic Assault, Support Trapper. You spread out and trap the monster. Simple and easy to say, can even just shorten it to MAST or MASTing or something.

Also to note, I want to destroy this MAST by simply going and killing the medic. I wouldn’t care about the damage from assault much, just maul and kill him/her >_>


This sounds like I’m looking in a mirror? It might not make sense, but it’s a fact. I watched so much @GentlemanSquirl last weekend, and when he wasn’t on, Sacriel (one of the few streamers that actually payed attention and learned something from the devs.) I do want to say thanks very much to those two for streaming intelligent gameplay, I learned a ton and dare I say… I’m still an undefeated monster in the beta :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Add me if you have a mic… Mo Pink


This tactic simply can’t work with randoms.

Also this depends on the player aswell.Today for example i was supposed to be following the medic as an assault while trapper and support was on the other side.For some reason i was running alone at the middle while the Medic was telling me where the fck i am :smiley: .

Oh well…


Really? Because I’ve had it work well quite a bit. I feel like if I am positive and just lay out a plan most people at least try to do it. You are always going to get toxic players, but as long as you’re being a team player and giving out advice, I feel like most people will play a long.


Well what i want to say is that this will be a thing when the game launches and matchmaking will put you with people that have higher skill floor.Right now we’re playing against and with people based on the levels which got nothing to say.


Been doing this since Big Alpha, wouldn’t call it a Dev tactic, but it sure as heck is the way to do in general ^.^
Also o7 gentlemansquirrel, watching stream atm!


This is my tactic


We started to use the ‘fork manuever’, as I think DB called it in one of the streams, earlier today.

God bless our trapper for being the best harpoon shot ever. Critter ALWAYS in the middle. We had to kill good seven monsters like this by now.

Even though me being Lazarus doesn’t help it.


these and many more tactics will be learned as time goes on. good eyes on to notice this tho


What is stopping the monster from going towards the trapper and medic? Unless it’s Val, they have no way of stopping and will actually speed him up by shooting him, bringing him into combat state.

Seriously, cutting of doesn’t work. He will just go go back the way he came and walk past the medic and assault. Now he’s miles away from the trapper and the endless, mindless running continues.


The medic assault team should notice the monster doubling back before he’s right on top of them unless he sneaks, and tell the trapper/support to change course. Of course, if the monster just keeps running one way and then attempting to come back through the hunters it’s only a matter of sticking closer and waiting for him to come back to dome him. So encouraging that strategy might be exactly what you want.


I was thinking this strategy would be ideal for you to employ if you get a good team going. Eventually that monster has to make a run for the center and get caught from both sides, or be backed into a corner. If he goes back the way he came he won’t have enough food if he played a decent hunting game at the start.


heres how i see it, support and assault are interchangeable when it comes to 2-2 splits due to cloak and shield.


If you say so. He can cut back towards them, but usually I am in a more central position so I can cut that off too. Also, if he does it to val, welcome to spam tranq time.