The Deepest Dark (BETA) Feedback


My group consisting of my 2 buddies and I got onto Evolve today primarily to try out the Co-Op Campaign content (Deepest Dark BETA) and a few things came to mind that I’d like to bring up.

  1. My buddies and I came to play the Campaign content. The fact that we had to play out 3 Hunt matches versus AI monsters first was kind of a waste of 40 minutes considering what we wanted to do. Once we finally got to the Campaign map we were greeted with an extremely different experience from Hunt. Seeing as how the Campaign stuff is so significantly different it should be a queue all on its own. Additionally, since we had a group of 3 people it was kind of awkward that we had to let in 1 random person. A premade group should have the option of filling out the rest of the group with AI characters.

  2. While we were killing time in the 40 minutes waiting for Deepest Dark BETA map to pop up I noticed some issues with the queue. Before the game would start it normally lists out the monsters and hunters you’re playing with along with their win streak. However, I noticed that a lot of the time it failed to properly list out the correct monsters/hunters. For example it said we were fighting a Wraith but then we’d actually be facing a Goliath. Also, when it would normally have a picture of the Wraith there was no picture.

  3. The AI in Co-Op Vs AI content is kinda strange. My group won 2 out of 3 games because the AI spent most of the game running instead of eating/fighting. One of the games when the Goliath we were fighting made it to Stage 3 it kept running away to get armor even though it was wrecking us. We won because the game timer ran out.

Overall, I believe that The Deepest Dark is a fantastic thing. If it wasn’t such a pain in the butt to get into it I believe that a lot more people would be trying it out. On that note I have 1 final word to describe Campaign content like The Deepest Dark. That word is “MORE!”