The Deepest Dark 2.0


This mode is something I wanted since the first day I played. Here’s some of the ideas I’d personally love to see. Given the scope of the changes/improvements I’m probably just dreaming about most of this, thus the “2.0” in the title.

The narrative makes us assume that we are going to fight a unimaginably strong monster and that we are against all odds. Yet, when we go into the fight, the monster runs away after a brief fight to ‘lick her wounds’.
There are 2 problems I see here (and they cannot be fixed by balance changes such as increasing the hp or dmg of the monster).

  • Monster running away does not fit the context - I’d much more prefer it if the mode had a ‘final boss’ kind of a feel, rather than ‘we’re hunting and chasing stage1 monster’ feel. More details about what I mean by ‘final boss’ later.
  • The fight -> chase game model is what all the other modes use. It’s nothing new. Changing to the ‘final boss’ type would offer a new gameplay style which I believe would be a welcome change for many players who are used to playing the normal quickplay/ranked.

You’ve guessed it, I’d like the game to be longer.
I do realize creation of a huge new map just for this mode is probably out of the question, but there are some ways I could see that allow us to have a longer game.

  1. Multiple maps
    I wouldn’t mind if the game used multiple maps to tell the story of Deepest Dark. One way would be to create “stages” that have to be completed in sequence. This way other maps can be modified to be darker, have one path for the hunters and all the other goods.
  2. Also use multiple maps, but have them load one after the other once hunters reach a checkpoint on the map.

Final Boss game model
Instead of the previously mentioned fight -> chase -> fight -> chase model, the Deepest Dark mode would have the hunters encounter the Queen only once - at the very end of the game. Beforehand the hunters would walk towards her and meet scripted encounters:

  • Seeing wildlife fleeing in the opposite direction than they are headed.
  • Fighting infected/corrupted wildlife. Just throw bunch of blitzleopards and trapjaws at em, go wild.
  • Seeing the first eggs, have some of em burst and spawn gorgons.

The general ‘feel’ would be that the hunters are walking into the Queens territory with progressively more enemies. This mode would easily allow us to split the ‘storyline’ into multiple maps.

At the end of their path, the hunters meet the queen. I’d love to see a bigger monster model, but definitely she needs more hp. The battle would be just a single fight, no running away, no regeneration or anything silly.

Cosmetic changes/ details

  • The map could be a little bit darker. Perhaps introduce passage of time, with the map getting progressively darker (or if using multiple maps idea, just have later stages get darker).
  • More focused flashlight cone
  • Multiple difficulty modes? In reality all it would need is: All enemies do x2 damage and have 200% hp.

Scenes / dialogue
Obviously this mode allows for lots of character interactions and dialogue options…

I probably wouldn’t even mind if we were restricted to playing only specific characters if it meant we got a scene where the Caira player has to walk up to the egg when the character says something about wanting to have a closer look and gets attacked by a gorgon.

Or imagine walking out of a cave somewhere near the end of the game when the map is nearly pitch black and have Parnell say something about the stars, and you look up to see the entire black sky filled with them…
(You can’t stop me from dreaming)

- I know this is a beta version of the map/gamemode. These are just my thoughts and ideas that I, personally, would like to see. This might not be what everyone wants. People have different opinions. That is okay. I just wanted to write what I would like to play.


it should hunt you…


Wow, it should be named Dead By Daylight! :stuck_out_tongue:


well yeah… i see your point but making a map that is supposed to be scary while you are the hunter and in control… doesn´t really make sense to me.


Well, what’s supposed to happen is the Hunters are fearing what’s out there and not what’s coming after them