The day this game stops bricking my graphics card until I completely reboot


Is when I’ll be a trillion times happier.

There’s nothing worse then completely destroying the hunters then all of a sudden your whole computer display is unresponsive, and having to reboot… taking the loss in the game.


What about 700 people being sent to hospitals for watching the premier of the 38th episode of pokemon in Japan?

I mean, that’s pretty bad, too.


I love you, Mortal.


Yeah, that is pretty bad. But I’m talking in the sense of Evolve.


OH. Oh, okay. Sorry.





…Th…the pokemon shock. Y’know.
…history lesson I guess?

December 16th, 1997, 6:30 in the evening. 37 japanese television stations air the premier of Pokemon: Episode 38 ‘Computer Soldier Porygon’ to an audience of 4.5 million. 22 minutes into the show, Pikachu uses his thunderbolt attack to stop a Vaccine Blast from an opposing pokemon - The resulting explosion was animated with a 6 second long flash of alternating blue and red, going back and forth 12 times every second. 685 children are sent to the hospital with everything ranging from seizures, to blindness, to hysteria, to nausea, and in some cases, total cesation of conciousness.

Later reports indicate that a total of 12,000 people were affected with varying levels of reaction, only 5% of which were considered to be vulnerable to photosensetive epilepsy.

For three months following the incident, Pokemon was a null topic in japan, not being aired, or sold within the country. To this day, the pokemon ‘Porygon’ has not been featured in an episode, nor have any of it’s evolutions, as even a side character, nor has the episode Computer Soldier Porygon been aired.


…Ouch. <nnnn


There was an episode of Pokémon that caused kids in Japan to have seizures, no joke.


Yeah, I just looked that up…Wow.