The damage output of Decoy


I know a lot of people probably just groaned at the title, since there’s about ten thousand Wraith threads every day, but this is one particular aspect I can’t wrap my head around.

I just had a game of evacuation against someone who seemed to main the kraken. He joined during defend and then stayed for another full 5 day round. The hunters lost the first two and actually had autobalance in our favor, and going into the third game the special perk was a teleport rift the monster could use. Only this time he switched it up and picked Wraith. Game starts, bird alert us to him, dome him once or twice, blah blah. In the end he gets to stage 3 and we’re at the power relay, and this happens.

Now, this setup wasn’t perfect. I was in a party with my friend who was playing Val, while the Markov/Bucket were randoms. The mines blowing up kinda popped everyone up, but still…the decoy took me from slightly under full health to EXTREMELY close to death, and outright annihilated bucket. And destroyed the entire setup inside. If the monster playing was properly smelling and saw the incap, low healthbar, etc. and just warped in the game would have basically been ended because of an AI decoy that wrecks the shit out of hunters while the wraith is hanging back safely. It’s already enough that it can stall within a dome, make it harder to track, and destroy harpoon/mine setups, but on top of that it makes the medics go into overtime(and god forbid the decoy focuses them in this scenario as you’re at the mercy of the burst heal cooldown). And considering the synergy it has from being cloaked and a move like supernova and abduction where it can basically just see who got hit the hardest and burst them down…well, I get the frustration. I don’t think the Wraith is OP and don’t really want to make the thread about that, but this specific move has constantly been my issue with the monster as it does EVERYTHING for it. Being outright killed because this thing just wombo combos you into oblivion is the least satisfying way for a game to swing in the monster’s favor. If you notice, I was actually burst healed after the first hit on top of everything.

I also don’t know the ins and outs of what autobalance really does, but as mentioned it was 2 pips in our favor as we lost before, which I imagine made this do less damage than it otherwise would have. The rest of the evacuation was fun atleast.