The damage issue between Behemoth and the new hunters online and offline


Let me start by saying that neither the new hunters nor Behemoth are in anyway overpowered and in need of a nerf/buff.
Earlier today I was playing Behemoth and the new hunters offline and I noticed something, all of the hunters were doing regular damage to Behemoth so his health was not melting in under 3 seconds. This intrigued me so I did some testing and found that even when standing absolutely still so my crit-spot was easily able to be shot, I was taking a small amount of extra damage. Then I figured it out: neither Behemoth nor the new hunters are over/underpowerd, the online and offline damage is GREATLY skewed. Later I was playing with Torvald in an offline game of defense and I noticed that even when all of his mortar shells hit Behemoth, only about one bar of health disappeared instead of 4. I also noticed that Behemoth does more damage per melee offline but that just fits into the major damage skew online in favor of the hunters.

TL;DR: the issue with Behemoth is not his “survivability”, but a bug that skews the amount of damage that he and the other monsters give and take from the hunters.


or its jsut that the bots are not abusing the weakpoint.

like markov uses his lightninggun instead of his assault rifle etc


Someone said that there’s a bug for Behemoth where he takes 2x damage from all sources everywhere.