The Damage Comp, Why it's the Best on Console


This is the Comp: Rogue Val/Val, Cabot, Griffin/Crow, Lennox/Torvald/Blitzy
This comp absolutely punishes Monsters for engaging. They run in to do some damage, Cabot throws up the amp, the Trapper stops the Monster, Val hits the Monster with a sniper shot or poison dart, the Assault uses their hardest hitting ability. Good bye Monster! :bucket_salute:


It’s pretty brutal on PC too. If medic can stay up without support then holy cow is it bad.


Take a look


I saw that. Want to unsee it.





More like terrifying.


We beat PS_Lexus last night… (Gold Monster)

Down in one dome, no competition.


I need to get myself a team. Too good of a player to still be playing with pubs.


And we demoted him lol


If you guys have an open spot, mind letting me play a little?


Of course. Half of the time we are looking for a trapper, so you can be our crow if we need ya lol


Sweet, can’t wait to play. Socom already knows me, I think. He really liked my Crow play.


I can sense the incoming nerf bat that’s gonna hit this comp. Ending a game in two domes? That’s amazing, but not what TRS wants, unfortunately.


He said you pissed him off by telling him over and over again to boost him lol

Just keep the hatred on the downlow xD


I don’t feel that Cabot will ever be part of the best comp, yes he can work but he’s way too unreliable for me to ever consider him part of “the best comp”


I meant it jokingly. It’s a long time joke a few of my friends always say when we have a Sunny. Should’ve known he wouldn’t understand.


Have you played with a great Cabot?


See, this comp is one I look forward to fighting since there is NO shield protecting anyone. I can easily focus on just Grif or Cabot and get several strikes while constantly moving about and dodging most of Blitz’s charge. So far the highest it has ever gotten on me is purple since I always swipe at him if I even see the lighting going. This is one of my favorite comps to go against cuz the strikes just roll in.


Then you’re playing terrible Hunters.


I beat that meta with Gorgon on BHM with a skilled team behind the wheel… they were by no means terrible. I still find Griff/OG Val/Sunny/random assault a far more annoying combo.