The Dam too open? (less vision range?)

Okay, now the Dam has only been out for like 2 hours, but from a monsters perspective it seems like it may be a bit too open, or is that just me? It seems to be quite Hunter favored.
I feel a reduction of the vision range could work really well on this map, especially considering it’s a nighttime map. I’d think it could really fit the whole night theme of the map very well.

Again, this may be too early to judge it completely, but that’s why it’s custom only right? Just a thought i had so i thought i’d give some early feedback to give the monster more of a chance of not being spotted.

On a sidenote though, i do love the looks and feel of the map. Especially since we finally got a night map now which is fricking hype <3

It most definitely has a very different playstyle than the other maps both for monsters and hunters.
Hunters don’t have clear cutoff routes, more open areas and more hunter sized cliffs to jump and pull yourself up on.

There’s a lot of fog going on, so on a hunter perspective, it’s pretty hard to see the monster if it’s not using flashy skins.

It’s still in development, so let’s wait and see what happens. I’m sure they know about this and are continuing to build it up.