The Dam doesn't have enough wildlife


Both from the point of view of the monsters and hunters, there just isn’t enough stuff on this map! It’s relatively very easy to navigate as a hunter (very few threats), and as a monster I constantly find myself having to go round and round the map looking for individual ravagers that I missed. If I get up to Stage 3, I quite literally have to clear the map in order to max out armor as anything other than Wraith. I’ve definitely lost some games on that map by simply running out of time trying to armour up at stage 3.

Anyway yea, lets get some more wildlife in there.


Really? I found herds of Striders there last night. I was able to level up just after the drop ship arrived.


Dude, few threats?! I hate Dam for it’s wildlife as hunters. 2 Dune Beetles regularly, 2 nomads, 2 or 3 megamouths, an Armadon, mammoth birds at the entrance way to caves from the river, caves packed full of reavers. Dam is one of the deadliest maps for hunters wildlife per square meter of map wise, IMO!


Maybe you’re just very unlucky? Low wildlife happens sometimes.
Loiter around the top of the map with the tyrants waterfall and also down towards the bottom you’ll find a few troublemakers to feast upon.
Hunters may even be killing off your meals, causing then to eventually rot away, risky tactic but it’s possible, take armor regen as a perk to at least back you up! :smiley:

“Edit” I’m thinking of the wrong map! However keep trucking and you’ll have some luck!


An Armadon?!?!
This is the first I’ve heard of there being an Armadon, was it added in or something?


I was just thinking that! I play dam all the time in my custom games and have never seen one😱


Dam is literally my favorite map, I know all the ins and outs so this is news to me


I swear to god there’s one down to the left of the dam as you leave the dropsite? Maybe I’m just thinking of another goddamn megamouth :smiley:


I’m with you bro, dam is where I test everything. It has to be a mistake on his part right? You and I would have noticed a dam(punny pun😁) armadon walking around!


If you’re thinking under the little rock bridge next to the tunnel, it is in fact a Megamouth, usually an elite one at that. Hes always my first target, I’ve started calling him Maurice just cuz.


I think I’m getting confused with the various armadon like carcasses that are around the map :blush:


:open_mouth:there is never anything there when I spawn lol, maybe I am like super blind or unlucky. Or you are yanking our chains, Ya know, April fools and all.


You indeed are. None of these god-damned Armadons on the site.

Two nomads, plenty of Megamouths, two Dune Beetles.


And these two particular dune beetles are serious roamers. I’ve watched a dune beetle chase my team mate from the dump truck all the way through the back caves all the way around to the building in front of the caves.

That’s like a 300 meter run lol.


YES…I was the kraken and one of them followed me the whole time. I killed him because he kept giving me away.


They have an aggro radius of 500 meters…they really dont like people


Yea they are no joke lol. I’ve seen dune beetles run around stone pillars to find high ground to come get you lol. Amazing creatures lmao.


You were high, those armadons were just static corpses.


Hi, are you here to pick up the trash? Because you’re seriously late to the party :smiley:


I think the main problem is only one half of the map has wildlife thanks to the massive dunebeatle infestation on one half of the map. I always find the only real feed spots are the left side and the far end of the river. Leads to either very predictable monster play or highly delayed evolve. Seriously once I saw a dune beatle with a good 8-10 corpses on it and boy did it not want to share. I actually really don’t like that map, makes me feel pigon holed.