The current balance of Evolve


While the Wraith might be slightly overtuned, and I’d like to see Decoy damage moved more to damage amplification after she exits stealth, I feel the current balance of the game is nearly dead on target. All the other Hunters and Monsters feel like they have specific roles, specific strengths, and specific weaknesses. Val gains combat based weapons to amplify her teams strengths while weakening the monster. While Caira is much more heal focused, but gives up nearly all combat strength. Griffin is the best trapper at landing a dome, but he has a difficult time at finding the monster. Maggie has a much harder time at landing domes, but she can track easily, and create safe zones inside a dome.

What I’m getting at is that all the Hunters seem to have a purpose, and they all seem to live up to it. I honestly don’t see much at the moment that needs heavy changes. Even the Wraith could be fixed with a few little tweaks to encourage more engaging gameplay. What do you guys think should happen with the balance of the game?


I agree with you one hundred percent on the balance being very near perfect and synergy being extremely well tuned. I fear for a wrath debuff that will make the fight to easy because of whining…honestly I don’t think the balance needs much touching aside from some damage output tweaking… I’m hoping that the new tier of Hunter will really turn the game on it’s head… Maybe a group that sacrifices all active tracking and buff utilities in exchange for being powerful enough to almost go toe to toe with stage 3 and really make a stage 1 sweat