The cupcakes


Is their a cupcake on each map? if so I would like to hunt them down and photo them. Theirs only one found so far



I have a cupcake. It’s over here in this cave. Come inside and get it.

Don’t worry, we’re all friends here.



As they say in arnie’s world, if it CUPCAKES we can find it !


No one really knows, devs have confirmed that there are at least 3 more but they won’t say where. I can’t play online right now but id check bushes, underwater, maybe through windows, on rooftops that kinda stuff


For all we know they could be far out of the map and the only way you would be able to see it is with a sniper.


All of the maps have Shear (hurhurhur) walls or cliffs preventing you from seeing the outside, so not likely. They’re just hidden in the nooks and crannies.


There are plenty of maps that have a large open area ouside the map. I can’t remember map names to save my life but I am currently picturing at least 5.

Oh, one is Wraith Trap. Near the heli-pad there is a huge open area ouside the map.


Maybe if it were the Wraith. :wink: