The Cupcake Badge?!


Last night I no joke forealskies saw someone with a cupcake for a badge and I want/need to know how you get it??


Elite sunny


Do you not get it when you Elite Sunny? I always thought that’s how you get it because on her Elite gun she gets a cupcake keychain


You have to find an ping all the hidden cupcakes on the maps (with the obvious exception of the two new ones, and the drop ship one since you can’t ping while dropping)


Untrue, all of the cupcakes haven’t even been found. ^.^


Nah, my uncle works at nintendo TRS and he told me where they all were


Only the map designers know where they all are. ^.-
Don’t even think the Devs know where all of them are.


I remember chatting to some of the devs about it, and I think one said it was a TRS only thing at the moment, but was going to be released soon? I don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I DO remember @MajorLeeHyper teasing me about a lot of free stuff coming in the next title update, which is soon now.

Such a tease, Major. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maps designers are still devs, just evil devs


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