"The Culling" Topic


I’ve seen some fellow Evolve players playing this game, so I thought I’d make a thread and see if anyone else is interested in it. :smiley: For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a new battle royale game with features inspired by the Hunger Games. The developers are currently very active with it, too.

I’m quite surprised by the amount of balance this has for a random, PvP-based indie game on Steam. I’ve really enjoyed the 80 hours I’ve put into it so far, even if I don’t win very often. One thing I love about Evolve is the strategy, and that is something I can bring over into Culling - good strategy can win over a fight that you are undermatched in. My only major complaint is the SMG gun.

Personally, I play very passively throughout the match and take advantage of smoke bombs and traps as often as I can. Explosives are a bonus if I can find them early. Instead of charging head-on at other players, I’ll wait until they are distracted by someone else before using various ranged bombardments to weaken them. When one man is left alive, I’ll charge him while he’s still weak.

So, has anyone else here played the game? What are your thoughts on it and how do you like playing a match out? :grin:


I seen some youtube videos before and it does look pretty cool, honestly. I’ll have to give it a try, thanks for sharing it with us!


Considering the fairly low price tag, if you enjoy PvP and strategy, I’d say it’s worth it. You can customize your build to fit your playstyle (and there are multiple possibilities), more so now that today’s update brought down the meta perks to a reasonable level.

I do warn that there are occasionally hackers (two weeks ago I was seeing one after every 12 or so matches), but the company strongly welcomes reports of these people. It’s pretty easy to report them via support, and they’re adding an in-game feature to report people eventually.

So yes, overall I really recommend it. :slight_smile: If you can get one friend to play with you, the team play looks super fun. They’ll be adding more maps and ranked play in the future, too.


@TomsMeatPlatter you bought this game, right? I haven’t decided if I want to play it yet, but I’ve heard good things.


Yeah, it’s a ton of fun. Definitely recommend team deathmatch, but a lot of players still like to run around without their partner. Controls aren’t explained all too well, but you pick them up fast. I really like it and it’s really good for Early Access.


Just picked up the game and am loving it so far. If anyone ever wants a partner, I would be down to play with you :slight_smile: