The Cryengine Hang crash


I’m seeing too much misinformation thrown around on this topic - a lot of threads here, on Reddit and elsewhere are being shut down by people claiming it’s entirely a hardware problem, specific to individual computers.

This doesn’t cut it for me.

Too many times I’ve had this crash occur simultaneously for 2, 3 or once even four players in a single party simultaneously, in different countries, on varied system configurations while we’re trying to play together.

This isn’t an isolated hardware issue, nor a consequence of irresponsible overclockers with unstable systems. It may relate to a graphics overload but it’s one inherent to Evolve and no other game I’ve played, it’s frequent, and it’s shared among every Evolve player I party with.

It’s not acceptable for the game to be, after such heavy public testing, this unstable upon release and not to have been patched as we approach a week since that release. I’ve verged upon simply uninstalling it several times after having rounds either ruined by varied glitches involving movement, falling through terrain, getting jammed in or on terrain, abilities failing to register/connect/complete their charge and activate. With 30% of my rounds falling to a crash in addition to these gameplay problems… What happened, TR? It all seemed so smooth in Alpha and Tech Test.

TL;DR: Stop shutting down discussions about the Hang crash, people - it isn’t the user at fault - it’s too widespread for that, and happens simultaneously for multiple users on a given server upon some unknown ingame event, ranging from evolving, to certain weapons being fired, to the death of an animal. This is a serious problem in need of attention.