The Crossover


So I was thinking, Evolve has taken many inspirations from MOBA games in designing characters and abilities, and I know in league of legends, there is a monster character that goes through three stages of evolution (every time the ultimate ability is leveled) called Kha’Zix. This got me to thinking, how cool would a League/Evolve crossover be?

For reference, this is kha’zix:

For Evolve, Kha’Zix could be reworked into a giant mantis monster. Perhaps renames “The Reaver” with a more planet shear look, keeping the motif of growing pincers, growing spikes, extending wings, and beetle like armor that transitions from purple to red with each evolution. Abilities could be:

Swipe: The Reaver scythes its claws in a cone in front of it. Each hunter caught in the attack takes damage. If a hunter is alone, they take additional bonus damage. Ranking up effects damage, bonus damage, and range (by virtue of claw size).

Spike Shot: launches spikes from the shoulders at hunters. at melee range, these spikes give temporarily increased armor regeneration. Each rank up of this skill increases the size of the shot: rank 1 = one spike, rank 2 = small cone, rank 3 = large cone.

Leap: The reaver leaps like goliath, but for less damage. If leap kills a target, it’s cooldown is refreshed. range scales with levels.

Camouflage: The reaver goes invisible for x seconds. on leaving stealth, the next attack or skill does bonus damage. invisible time and bonus damage scale with rank.

On league’s side, monsters could be new champions, each with a league art style makeover. Picture this:

Goliath: (melee bruiser)
Passive - Armored Beast: All heals on Goliath are converted into a permanent shield. While the shield is up Goliath has increased armor and magic resistance. Goliath’s health cannot be healed after spawning, but the shield can. (to account for the passive, health and regeneration scaling is poor)
Q - Charge Strike: Goliath charges forward with a small knock back to targets hit. Evolved charge has longer range and higher knock back.
W - Flamethrower: Shoots fire in a cone. Evolved Flamethrower adds a DOT effect and increases cone size.
E - rock throw: throws a rock to target area. targets in the area are knocked back. Evolved rock throw increases the ares of the landing and moves aside anyone between the goliath and the destination of the rock, taking small damage.
R - Leaps: Goliath leaps to target area, dealing AOE damage. Leaps can be stored in charges. Evolved leap gives an extra charge and reduced cooldown.

Kraken: (melee caster)
Passive - The grounder: kraken takes to the air, gaining increased movement speed and its auto attacks become ranged, dealing bonus magic damage. Any hard crowd control will bring the kraken to the ground for 4 seconds, returning its attacks to melee.
Q - Aftershock: kraken initiates a channel where it moves slower (think xerath or varus). at the end of the channel, enemies in the area are damaged. Channel can be cut short on reactivation for reduced damage and increased speed. Evolved aftershock has a larger area and removes the slow.
W - Banshee mines: kraken stores three charges of banshee mines. on activation places a mine on the map where kraken is standing. mines are visible, and within an area, will move toward a target and orbit once before detonation. skillshots can destroy these mines. Evolved mines increases speed, blast radius, and charges held.
E - Vortex: kraken fires a vortex and knocks aside or back any targets hit. Evolved vortex increases projectile size and knock away.
R - Thunder strike: Kraken summons 4 bolts of lightning that slowly converge on an area. each bolt deals medium damage, and can be shot on an outer radius, dealing each medium damage in their respective areas, or the spell can be channeled (again, think varus or xerath) to have the bolts converge in the center, dealing massive amplified damage in a smaller central area. Evolved thunder increases number of bolts.

So what do you think, would this be a fun crossover or what?!


I don’t think Evolve has taken inspiration from MOBAs, because the character/ability design has been around for over twenty years.


I know they were talking about it in an interview - as I understood the way there are specific characters with role instead of a more generic shooter kind of approach where the characters are all on equal footing in both equipment and skills. I’m not saying the whole thing is based on it! no way. I’m just saying there are shared aspects, and I’m 99.9% sure it has been addressed in an interview. I’ll see if I can find the it again! I know it’s out there somewhere.


Not gonna lie goliath wud break the game lol. that passive is ridiculous with a soraka or kayle on your team. ud have to put a cap on it or they would stack it up until hes unstoppable. in fact he could build pure AD and still have a massive shield. but Yasuo wud love him lol. Kracken seems to not fit as well. passive would sorta be useless as everyone has cc these days. banshee mines would have to be really fast to do anything. not to mention the R needs to be a long cd ultra, usually high damage.krakens sounds like xeraths old ulti but if Goliath got high damage with that leap hes be like an ad akali lol.

nontheless its fun to think if they ever did that how cool it would be. oh and khazix in evolve would fit in perfectly. dudes a beast.