The crews "jobs"


So what do we know about why every member of the team was hired ?


Val: Medic
Lazarus: probably medic duty (or reviving duty)
Caira: Scientist


Hank: There is a dialog between Hyde and Hank about the laser cutter which makes Hank out as a mining/explosives Expert
Bucket: Cabots privat AI also flying the dropship and doing some other stuff
Cabot: Leader of the group, hired everyone and was a famous planet tamer


Meggi: She seems like a experienced animal Hunter and as far as I understood escaped a colony that was attacked by the Monsters
Griffin: Famous planet tamer (hates his fame)
Abe: Weapon Expert


Marcarov: maybe Engineer because he was a wielder before but probably mostly for hunting
Hyde: killing stuff
Parnell: killing stuff/ looking over the others while on the “field”

@Matthew could you probably confirm this stuff or add something ? :smiley:


Val was not hired as a medic. Val is a spy for Cig9 to find out what is going on. Matthew explained quite a bit of this in the stories. She just happens to BE a medic. Cabot didn’t choose her.


Val is a Lieutenant Commander in CIG9.

Lazarus is a former member of the Lazarus men during the Mutagen Wars used as quickly trained field medics to bring dead soldiers back to life.

Caira was a former Catalog agent working as a scientist.

Hank seems to be a Miner and licensed demolitions expert.

Bucket is Cabot’s AI unit assigned to him 26 years prior to the events of Evolve when he was a Marshal.

Cabot is a former Marshal and Planet tamer who came out of retirement to take a big contract from NORDITA to help evacuate Shear.

Maggie is the few or only survivor of the colony Factor which was lost without any reason given.

Griffin is a famous Big Game Hunter.

Abe is a bounty hunter who joined Cabot for the cash.

Markov is an orbital welder.

Hyde is a former Chem Trooper of Hub during the Mutagen Wars.

Parnell is a Rage Trooper in the military judging by his rank insignia on his arm which holds the rank of Sergeant.

Correct me if I’m wrong on any of them.


Just a small thing, maggie and daisy, were the only survivors on factor.


Expanding, Factor got destroyed by the Monsters before they came to Shear. You figure out that these two made it outta a dire situation, are by now professionals at hunting and Maggie managed to run a NORDITA evac ship by herself.


How do u know that Factor was destroyed by the monsters… and if so, how did they get to another planet ?

Maggie barely escaped by managing to turn on the NORDITA evac ship, the ships as we know from evacuation are automatic, which is a damn miracle, even by hank’s words.


We don’t know how they ‘travel’ through space. However, we do know that something ‘lays eggs’. Caira mentions it in when of the drop ship. A nod to Aliens perhaps. However, Factor being destroyed is based on previous backstory in the game, as well as Val’s story when Matthew talks about a line of planets being destroyed and Shear is the next one to be hit.


@Matthew had the Val story drop that. CIG9 had unclear information about the event which was given to Val before she was sent out on her mission.

And how do they get from planet to planet we officially don’t know. My educated guess would be Wraith’s ability to teleport providing a gate.


Either that, or they didn’t get from planet to planet, just the egglayers did…

We should bring behemoth on this, for he is big enough, and tough enough to withstand orbital drops, and is also stronger then most of the native wildlife at stage 1, maybe…


I still think it’s Wraiths coming in first. Equivalent of special forces. Clear an area, secure a foothold, open rifts, have invasion forces move in.


The wraith’s not strong enough to open planetwide rifts, as shown in wraith trap.


Where does it state that Wraiths aren’t able to open planet-to-planet rifts? I never saw that.


This actually makes me wonder how Val managed to get in the team. Did she just go to them and say. “Sup? I’m a combat medic.” And Cabot was all like. “Great! You’re hired.”


I meant for what they were hired by Cabot…

He for sure didn’t write on what he is searching for “looking for CIG9 Spy”


You should read the stories that Matt writes, they are very good and give some really good hints.


Obviously CIG9 wanted val to infiltrate cabot’s team to know what in the world was going on, Val didn’t give 2 damns and told cabot everything, she got in xD


Yes I also read those …

Cabot was given money to hire a team of planet tamers (and what else he needed)
so what was the profession Val applied for ? …

I understood that she was applying as field medic


And she brings her sniper skills from her time as a spy in CIG9


Oh I definitely read those, I’m actually a really big fan of Val XD

What I meant was how did she find them and apply for the job because the story immediately goes to her being in the group, I was mostly curious about the process


No, she still had to get hired. She just shows up and says “I’m a spy” and tells her about why she is really there. He still goes through the hiring process and confers with Parnell about it. Val’s boss points her to join this team.