The Cosmic skin, is Pink or Purple?

There’s been a lot of talk as to what the actually color of the skins are and some people are saying it’s pink while others say it’s purple. You be the judge, hopefully this won’t start another Dressgate phenomenon but we need to know so we can all live in harmony.

I personally think this Turkish rose, which is a sort of purple colour that is mostly violet.


I think its more Violet than anything, too dark to be pink
Sidenote: Just realized if you look really closely Goliath is covered in sparkles :3

It is gold and blue obviously.



It’s black and blue…


I’m color blind but I think it looks pink… dunno if thats a strike against it being pink or not.

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I think I’m not seeing enough of the red, so it’s more violet than pink for me.

Magenta! :blush:

Which is a much darker shade of pink, basically the middle grounds between purple and pink.




White and gold?

Blue on Black :wink:

Good song! :smile:

I had to lol but on a serious note I’d say is a bit of both not too pink and not too violet just kind of in between.

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And yeah! It’s Magenta Im telling you :wink:

They are dark pink with multi-colored sparkles. They looks so good in game too!!

Goliath looks the best IMO but Wraith’s blades look dope cause they are teal.

so not purple

Its fabulous, that’s what it is. I just bought it, sparkly Kraken is my baby.

I don’t think its pink but it is bordering a lot closer to the pink side of purple. As a purple kid since the eighties I’d like to think I know a little bit about purple. I guess you could argue all the technical aspects about what color it actually is but in my eyes that is a purple skin, more reddish than blue but still in the purple spectrum.

it wouldnt be violet, if anything , the wendigo skin would be violet. Violet is scientifically/officially a different color than purple even though it looks similar. i just found this out not too long ago


I win

What are you guys on about? The cosmic skins are purple.


It’s not called Bublegum Goliath for looking like this :stuck_out_tongue: