The "correct" way to play a monster?


yesterday i ran into one of those asshole wraiths that just decoy and run. and after the match when i lost because he literally dragged us through every threat in EXISTENCE on the entire map 5 times over cause he did nothing but run i complained about it. to my surprise he turned on his mic and told me “but that’s how you play wraith” i quickly rebuttled him. made monster my humber 1 preference and told him “****** fucker that is NOT how you play wraith. that is NOT how you play any monster at all. you want to see wraith played the way it was meant to be ill show you”

i then got monster picked wraith 3 into warpblast and then damage bonus. i armored up quickly war blasted right into his little group of people left him alive and ran off to get to stage three before the hunters even dropped a second time. came after them again and wiped them out

after i won that round the guy complained saying “THATS NOT HOW YOU PLAY WRAITH that’s how you play goliath. your not supposed to tank with wraith” my counter point is that wraith is a hit and run character designed specifically for the art of running in quickly downing a hunter and then leaving. every thing about her is this. the decoy to confuse. the abduct to separate the war blast to annihilate and the supernova to rip and tear into a single target with its short duration

suffice it to say we attempted this again me as monster because i was picked for monster again i tried a similar scenario and i lost that round because of a motherfucking Lazarus sonnie combo that kept the lazurus safe. ANYWAYS. he then said “SEEEE YOU LOST it isn’t how your supposed to play wraith” i laughed at that stupidity

how can you say just because something WON that it makes it the correct and viable tactic. i mean i won also. does my loss negate every win i have had using this exact same strategy?

anyways kinda of a rant but i do have the question. can there really be anything considered the “right” way to play any monster?


No, everybody plays a monster differently, thats the fun part about Evolve, every match is different cuz no 2 people play the same


There’s no right or wrong way to play a Monster…well okay I guess there are some wrong ways to playing monster, but you get my point. It’s all based on luck when it comes down to it. If you’ve ever played observer mode you notice the match starts out 60% Hunters 40% Monster, however if you quickly down a hunter those odds jump quickly to the monsters favor, and vise versa. It all comes down to what happens during that time. Something can go right in one match and the next match it could go terribly wrong. /endrant


I prefer tank wraith over stealth wraith. It’s more exciting for everyone involved.

Now ignoring that, if I’m having a hard time against a team, I will absolutely drag them through hell and back. At one point I had a Laz was really rustling my Jimmie so I got as close to a tyrant as I could and waited, as soon as I saw that little price I abducted him and feed him to the tyrant while I downed the rest of his team.

He managed to get out at some point but by then I had consumed two corpses and abducted the last incapacitated trapper by a nearby dune Beetle. He got the trapper back up and I downed Laz in the process.

You just have to play in a manner that’s fun for you. For me, it’s hit and run and using the wildlife. I have died by those same wildlife… But the people I played with had more fun than wait at relay till stage 3 for 10 minutes plus.

The other thing is that each monster has multiple playstyles. They all can hit and run. Sneak and tank. Burst damage and camp. Crowd the caves… Eat. I feel like a solid monster player knows when to change up his/her playstyles.

Laz Vs. Wraith… 3 point Warp blast starts isn’t a solid plan. 1abduct 2decoy is the start you want. It forces the team to separate and allows you to pick off hunters 1by1. Using 3 points in Nova at stage 2 allows you to body camp and punish Laz for trying to move for the revive.

Sorry rambling…


Yeah… Hit and run…
Hit and hide too… ^^

I basically almost never go stage 3 as Wraith, and engage as soon as I am stage 2 full armor
(which is…well… instant ? I mean, you can play Wraith and engaging only when you’re full armor since it’s 5 bars …)

I may attack at bit a stage 1 if I see a good opportunity, or if they sadly miss a dome, of course.


I don’t necessarily believe there is a right or wrong way to playing any monster. But I do believe in a way that’s more engaging and fun for both sides. There’s no fun in maxing decoy to stage 3, for either side, BUT if you hit-and-run like you were mentioning, you provide a game for both yourself and the hunters that doesn’t necessarily resemble a running and eating simulator.

Personally, I think Wraith is beyond good, and usually try to finish the match on stage 2. I find a few upsides to this:

  1. Stage 2 helps promise a match with a lot of engagement. (Good for both)
  2. Fighting at stage 2 means they won’t camp the relay and ambush you when you go to it. This lets you fight on your grounds on your terms. I usually look for a good spot, preferably one with a non-elite nomad or sloth.
  3. If you make it your goal to end the match with stage 2, you help set yourself up for success, because if you’re going against a good team, chances are you won’t make it to stage 3 before the first dome.

Long-winded, but just my opinions on Wraith and how she’s played. When I play monster I care about the hunters’ enjoyment almost as much as my own enjoyment. Almost :slight_smile: Because hey, that’s 80% of the community, a community that has some bad apples who rave that it’s slowly dying.


i created the thread for opinons so i will enjoy them all


I think, not sure, but I guess I care about not ruining my opponent’s game when I play Wraith because I love Wraith. So I don’t want to justify the hatred against that monster. Essentially that.

And , to be honest, I really don’t feel easy with a power relay fight with Wraith…
It’s just like I’d lose my advantage…


those guys who are just trying to run till stage 3

best thing is if they get into a dome on stage 3 they keep running away xD

if ure with a team its not a problem u can make them stop running

but with pubs…


"make"a wraith stop running. you imply they HAVE to. i find most wraiths just keep running till that damn timer appears then FINALLY they fight and even then its ugh

everytime i see that i feel compelled to fight as wraith my way owo


i only saw like 3 wraiths playing like that after the patch

and if they do they lose so just chill at the relay :smiley:


My way of playing monster :goliath_roar:

Stage 1: Run and eat. If trapped by dome, incap trapper

Stage 2: Run and eat. If trapped by dome, aim for trapper and if possible medic.

Stage 3: Eat. Kill medic, then the rest follows.

(During stage 1 and 2, if there is a lone hunter, show them why teamwork is essential to win the game ^^)


You might like my “trolltastic behemoth” YouTube vids in which I attacked at the start of the match without eating anything first. This was back in 2.0 when people were doing double damage. Fun stuff.

I still attack people as stage 1 and laugh when hunters run from a stage 1 monster. :smiling_imp:


thats because behemoth is pub stomper extraordinaire with how much health he has


I want to echo what many people have stated. There is no right way to play a monster. It’s a game, play the way you have fun and can also feel successful. I play Goliath, some of my matches go 6 minutes, some go 23. It all depends on what happens during the match. Hunter composition makes a difference to my play style. I love to be sneaky, but if there is a Maggie/Daisy on the map, then I have to think carefully about using subterfuge.


I agree with you that chasing the monster absurdly all over creation isn’t the best way to go. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one having problems with Laz+Sunny however.

The type of monster player he is, isn’t really good for him. If he’s not earning strikes, he’s going to have a hard time at stage3. I usually suggest bunkering up at the relay and waiting for him to come to you… and the wraith has a really hard time sticking it.

When you come across monsters that play like this: I got a tip from the forums. Gather your hunters together, advance on him without jetpacks, use the support cloak, and drop that dome right on his face. Typically, monster players can be lulled into a false sense of security if there’s nobody on smell-o-vision. That means if you sneak in without the jetpacks (A good tell-tale that the hunters are getting close) you can get a good ambush in. This is a trick that pre-made team’s use. Harder to pull off in a PUG.


Well, yeah, the correct way is, theoretically, to run at Stage 1 because disadvantage. After that it’s pretty open. However, practcally, there is no correct way. I will however hate you forever if you just run for the sake of running and dragging it out.


There is no “correct way” whatever gets you the win is all that matters.


Every monster wants to put off engaging until they’re level three- ideally with a buff and full hp/armor.

You can only realistically get strikes in before that against teams that spread themselves too thin chasing you- or don’t properly coordinate in a fight- or are just grossly incompetent.


disagreeing with that

my goal isnt to put off engagement its to fight whenever i wish. i see the dome as a cage where they cant escape me rather then something forcing me to fight. you can get strikes in easily at anytime just by focusing down one guy and not giving him time to live IE medic first. then everyone else is cake

if i have full health at a stage three engagement it had better be because i grabbed the health regen perk or the hunters where absolute shit.