The consequences of Evolve not being a Success


There is a long, long number of problems that will happen:

1: This will send a signal, “No original or intresting concepts, please give us the same old COD and therefore degrading the industry”

2: This will also send a signal of “Time and effort doesn’t sell, Shit out another title one month later, Go go go, only one pixel changed and thousands of bugs.”

3: Separating a community is GOOD.

4: Content? What’s that? Here’s HATS. For 8 years. Hats. Constantly. No real game content. just cosmetics.

5: TRS will go under

6: An amazing title will be scoffed at.

Add yours.

If this game doesn’t succeed-…

…-MAKE sure it succeeds.


This is getting old. Please.


Man, I think you’re working yourself up a lot over this… I’m not sure it’s totally healthy.

I’ve said this before on this forum, and I’ll say it again; steel yourself for people calling this a ‘flop’.

It’s not going to be a flop… it’s in a reasonable position on the Steam charts (last I looked, about halfway up page 2, so… about 35th?), and it occupies a similar position on just about any other chart I can look up.

But, it’s not as high as, say, Dying Light. It’s going to sell well, but it’s not going to be the number 1, beat-all, absolute bestest seller out there. That’s going to mean that people will point at it and sneer and call it a ‘flop’, partly because some people will just always do that for reasons I just can’t fathom, and partly because there is already an element of bias against the game.

The sales have been hurt a little by 2Ks… well, by 2K, but even without that, I don’t know that Evolve would have been an immediate smash hit - partly because it’s an unusual concept, and those are hard to sell out of the gate.

I think… I think that it’s something that will grow over time, with good Stream coverage. But seriously. Get ready for the flop-droppers. They are going to swarm like piranhas.


And you would rather be blind to the possibility than take action to counter it?


… Um… I’m not blind to the possibility. I’m well aware of it. I’d wager that everyone on the forum is, at this stage, well aware of the sales position of Evolve.

The only thing that we can do is what we’re going to do already- spread what we know, tell people about the game, get good stuff out there. And I’m pretty sure that’s what we’re all doing.

As for the flop-droppers, there is nothing we can do about them. If there were a way to stop people acting like jerks on the internet, somebody would have found it by now. ;p


be a bigger jerk. usually works for me lol


You should visit your doctor for some chill pills…your drama is getting really boring here.


Can we please leave sales and care about the gameplay for once? It’s really just stupid to listen to those who say that this game is bad, because we all know it’s not and it’s not even out yet.

Haters can go fuck themselves. I’ll guarantee you that most of these people will be playing Evolve during the first week anyways.

Sounds like something we should do on this game’s SCUD.

JK of course, I did something like this once and people ate community bans. Not worth it.


Why lookie here, it’s a new thread on the sexy Evolve forums!

I feel like I’ll be a contributing member of thi-

… Oh… it’s another one of these threads…

Look, @SArais, friend, you’ve made 4+ threads questioning or implicating the fact that Evolve won’t be a success or will fail in some way. I can understand your concerns, but you’re not helping anyone posting multiple threads which basically say or ask the same thing and is only worded differently. You’re beating a dead horse and it’s getting way old. Of course, keep in mind, you’re not the only one posting threads questioning Evolve’s survivability once Feb 10th hits. Non the less though, this isn’t helping anyone and can only bring about possible doubt and further stress for the TRS crew.

IF something needs to be done, I’m sure TRS already has something planned. With what I’ve seen and how well built this game is, they wouldn’t have a backup plan if things go south. Just relax, and please stop posting threads like these @SArais.


Honestly, as a professional, successful salesperson- 2K are a bunch of idiots. I don’t mean to insult TRS’s judgement or any individuals in particular, but 2K’s marketing campaign was ridiculously bad. I mean, I have to applaud the timing of the reveals for information, betas, etc., but the actual marketing… Whoever did that was retarded.


Pretty sure that someone, somewhere in 2K is married to the idea that you can sell a lot of season passes / Preorders by promoting upcoming DLC before the game launches. And for that exact metric they’re probably right. It probably shifted pre-orders and will shift season passes.

But as a way to sell the game, it’s an utter snafu. I mean wow. Someone should lose their job over it, but since it was probably someone far enough up the chain that they’re isolated from what their customer base actually thinks, I’m pretty sure they won’t be.

Le sigh.


Keep the ‘evolve succes/no succes’ in their own topics please. And keep it civil.


I didnt…

I think the joke just flew right past me ?!

But let me tell one thing, if evolve goes FLOP , its because SOME IDIOT AT 2K came up with a STUPID idea to RELEASE the DLC pricing before the actual game launch !


“The sigh”? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I have no idea where I picked up that turn of phrase from. I’m pretty sure I got it from a TV show, but I can’t for the life of me think which one.

I just use it as (and it was used in said TV show as) an overdramatic sigh. Literally “I am pointing out the fact that I am sighing, and I am doing so in the most pretentious way possible”. ;p



I don’t want to turn this into anything weird (as I seem to have a knack for), however, when we deal with the negative possibilities, we’re putting that energy out there. And if it does fail, what responsibility do we, exactly, have? We (the supporters) have all bought our copies – I bought one for each console! Aside from literally throwing money at the devs for no reason (which anyone would love), how is its failure our responsibility? I’ve seen people fighting the good fight in the hell of comments sections (as well as this forum), Journalists have an overwhelmingly positive view on it, “controversies” (non-troversies) aside. Putting this negative stuff out there only taints the release, and now that we are about a week out, we should be excited, happy, and positive! Next week is going to bring A Lot of new faces to this forum, so I suggest we all put on our smiley faces, enjoy this last week, and just see what happens!

This is an exciting time for a new IP, and the best thing that we can do for the devs is to get happy. So, with that … (Don’t Worry, Be Happy)


2K finally responds to complaints about their marketing and sales strategy


I merely just don’t want the ship to sink before it’s time is due.


See I love your positive attitude! Which is what I like about this place, the positivity! I just wish we could all focus more on the positives, rather than the negative side of things!