The connection to your previous sessions has been lost


Why can’t I play this game that I spent $79.99 , the beta was great , had a blast , sure there were some connection issues , but nothing at all like this .
All I see is this

The connection to your previous session has been lost or no longer exists.

I don’t even hear or see you guys doing anything about this despite the number of complaints. Just one tiny update , let us know you are working on it would suffice. But nothing , not even 4 days after launch. I can’t even play your game … It’s like you released a game in which the premise is to meander your way through a number of lobbies, losing connection after connection , and the actual victory in the game is just making it into a match. I should have known better from playing NBA 2k , the servers for that are horrible as well , but I fell in love with this game and I purchased it digitally. Guess I’m the sucker, because these are issues that should have been dealt with before you let consumers spend 79.99 on your product .

( Not having any connection problems with any of my other online games , just this game only)