The complainers may have prevented further dlc from being produced


Dude just seems tired. He also said that they have not planned any further DLC then the first year. All the dlc announced so far comes with the PC monster race edition. That makes me feel kinda better

Possibly No more Post-PMRE DLC/Content? WHAT


They can always plan more DLC? Just because they don’t have ideas past a 5th monster doesn’t mean there won’t be more.


They have to see how everything works out, how it’s received, the amount of profit, etc. before putting work into more content ideas. It doesn’t spell disaster for the game just yet. By the time the 5th tier hunters and monster come out, I imagine it will probably be autumn anyway.

We just have to wait and see.


I wouldn´t mind more maps with more interactive flora and fauna, both hostile and perhaps friendlies, The interactive and dynamical environments are fresh and sort of exotic in a way, too few games have environments that are more than just decoration and props, and a lot of effort has gone into Evolve to make the surroundings feel more alive, so it could deserve some more ideas as well.


To hell with the haters.

I say TRS keeps churning out DLC/Content as long as they want to.

Evolve will take the gaming world in a glorious upheaval.

Remember when so many people booked time off work for DOOM?

This is history repeating itself.

Give that guy who sounds tired a bloody hug from us or something. He needs it

Come on @macman and @SlabOMeat Fuck the nay-sayers. This game will be a glorious one.

Take a break from the DLC, yes. but to hell with those complaining about it.

There are worse policies out there; yours is the best. And they will see in time.

Don’t cave under pressure. More Content. More DLC.

Come on TRS, Don’t let the haters get you down. To hell with them. I
say support it as long and as much as you want to. We’ll enjoy what you
give us. Don’t listen to the minority. Hell, most of them don’t even
intend to buy or play it anyway, or never intended to at any point.

The bastards don’t even know the glory of what you’re dealing us.

We’ll show them how to evolve.

And if they don’t?

Natural Selection will take over. Survival of the fittest.


The more there is DLC, the better it will be.

Fuck the complainers.


All this has happened before, and all this will happen again…

One of the main things here is that new monsters and hunters (essentially the DLC) aren’t like anything from another game other than perhaps a moba. Each new character has to be completely unique and balanced with the others in mind. The maps have to be taken into consideration, there is probably a QA guy whose whole job right now is to roll around maps as Behemoth and make sure there is enough space for it. New maps have to take in a monster that leaps and runs, one that flies, one that rolls, and one that sneaks and warps, not to mention the Hunters with their limited jetpacks.

The devs have said that a monster takes up to 11 months from concept to completion, and that doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure the hunters can take pretty close to that length of time as well, they only share one ability from their class, and have to be balanced against an ever growing number of hunters.

TL: DR, Preaching to the choir


Aye, aye.

Let’s give the devs words of encouragement

More DLC. Let’s do it.


I wouldn´t mind the devs just sitting down watching nature documentaries all day (voiced by David Attenborough, of course) and calling that a brainstorming session for their ecosystems in maps and possible new monsters :smiley:

Also, perhaps small short episodic story missions focused on one monster or hunter perspective at a time?


That’s not a bad idea.

Let’s get all the developers in here and tell them thanks. Tell them we want more. To hell with the haters.

More DLC means more Content means More Evolve.

And I plan to play this for the next couple of years.


Hrng. Conflicted.

Well… no. Not conflicted. Disappointed. I really would like to see more DLC being made for the game. I’d like to see more DLC. I want more hunters, I want more monsters. All that stuff.

I just wish I didn’t have to play 2K prices for it. $15 reall does seem like a lot for one monster… and that’s not even the price I’m going to be paying, since I’m over here in Australia, where 2K (along with maaaaany other publishers) delight in charging us more for the privilege.

I mean, I’m weak. I’m probably going to pick up the season pass. But… guuh.


This actually heavily worries me. I was really looking forward to all the crazy ideas that TRS was going to come up with for new monsters and hunters, I know I will continue to show my support for evolve, and hope all of the TRS development team gives it their all with currently planned dlc to attract customers.
Good luck guys and gals!


Agreed, anti-DLC crusaders are vocal but they are NOT the majority, most of us WANT more content for the games we love. And if we don’t want it, we won’t buy it. Simple as that.

Anti-DLC sentiment is really just entitlement masquerading as righteousness.


Come on TRS, Don’t let the haters get you down. To hell with them. I say support it as long and as much as you want to. We’ll enjoy what you give us. Don’t listen to the minority. Hell, most of them don’t even intend to buy or play it anyway.

The bastards don’t even know the glory of what you’re dealing us.


first this game has to make some money, then there will be dlc or evolve 2, if the playerbase is big enough after a year. dont worry.


Aye, aye…

Just hope they don’t cave under pressure.


I have no problem with what he said (what they have always said). That DLC and balancing will continue 1 year post launch (approx), this is how 90% of AAA title games operate. 1 year post launch TRS will (unlike many studios) reevaluate how strong the community is and the latest DLC sales were. Then if its financially viable they will continue making DLC and if needed continue balancing the game.

This is normal if not better (cause unlike COD they may continue DLC).

EDIT: i say one year as that is what i assume it may be like 9 months though


Aye… aye…

I fully intend to make Evolve my one and probably only game I play for the next couple of years


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“The complainers may have prevented further dlc from being produced”