The Compass needs to be a little more visible, & mini-map improvements


The compas needs and arrow and to have the letters have some color. In the beta i found it hard to glance at and get a heading.

Also an option to have the map only give you an outline of the zone, so you can leave it up and always know where you are in the zone. The current map is too detailed and not translucent enough to leave up while playing.

Evolve has a lot of very detailed maps, that are not symmetric. Learning all the maps is a fairly steep learning curve, and these additions will help learn them. Also these adjustments will definitely help with Hunter Communication


I found the compass on PS4 to be more or less perfect despite not many people knowing it was there until I pointed out which direction the monster was traveling in.

The one thing I would say about the map is that it’s near perfect for the monster but when you open it for the hunter you get a weird pseudo border and objectives that are unnecessary (I already should know my objective is to ‘hunt the monster’) which make up distracting screen space. That would be the only change I’m significantly behind.


that my point about the compass, you had to point it out. I personally find it hard to see, much less tell if im going NE, S, SW, ect.

Yes the map is great if you stop and look at it, id like to have a map with just a zone outline and no objectives. Similar to the color of the compass. A map that i can leave up all the time if i wish, even fight with it up so i can plan an excape route while im fighting hunters.


I found the compass without someone telling me. Just saying. I could understand making it bigger though.


Yeah the only problem with the compass for me is that it isn’t that noticeable so a lot of people don’t know it is there. Maybe if it was mentioned in the tips during the loading screens then more people would use it.

I think when you learn the maps enough you won’t really need the map up all of the time.


The compass needs to be more noticeable. I agree. Having to track the monster in heated situations it took me awhile to find that thing.

When I did it was almost too late in most cases. Make it “easier to find” if you catch where i’m going with on this.


You’re not supposed to leave the map up while playing. It is an intended design decision to have it as-is, and I agree with it.

This is why you lose certain UI elements when it is up.


This, exactly. It is designed to hinder you so as to ensure that you rely more on map knowledge than an… actual map.