The community is growing, can you feel it?


At least that what it feels like, running into alot of lower levels and quicker hunt2.0 match making. Must be all of the new crap TRS has been releasing the past 4-5 months. Anyone else or am I just delusional?


Depends on the system but I sense there has been an awakening.


well, we’re all delusional in some way…


Well definitely been keeping an eye on the actual stats and such for the playerbase, and it definitely was growing though it seems to have stagnated… Hopefully the next patch contained enough QoL changes for player retention, and then we’re set! :smiley:


I’ve been feeling like this for a while! I think this game and the people behind it still have an enormous amount of potential. I’m glad it’s not just my imagination showing me what I want to see. Because I really, really want to see this game take off. It’s up their with my favorite games of all time like Fallout 3, Kingdom Hearts II, and Mass Effect 2.

And it’s the first time I’ve ever felt like I was part of a real community; like there are real people working on something they genuinely love, rather than a corporation pumping out a product. It’s something I want to see more of!


Whiiich is part of the job description.


On ps4 it definitely has their has been so many new players it’s crazy also very cool just wish they’d listen but I guess in time


Sounds great! I myself am planning to crawl online too after the release of Kala, so more people to practice against is always good!


I’m feeling a warm spot


Some are more delusional than others XD

Community sure feels like its growing to me. Ive just played 16 matches (#unhealthyobsession) and all of them had a full player controlled team.


There’s a bunch of new players I’ve noticed. We’re gaining steam again. Which is good. I’m glad, this game is amazing and people are realizing it.


Yea, just a matter of fact to find how delusional people are. Lol

Yea, this next patch with all the bug fixes and fixes to sunny/Val will definitely be great


But us here seem to be an abnormally high case.

Playing last night with Shredder, and noticed more level 20s-30s the last two days. I’m happy to see more players but also sadden because I know they won’t stick around longer than maybe a month.

Here’s to hoping TRS pushes the new mechanics to make the game less frustrating for newer players.


Serious question, but how are they not listening? People complain about balance they make changes. People complain about new content thy get new content. People complain about wanting ranked, we get ranked. I don’t see how they are not listening.


exactly what i say. and the changes they do make they’ve been getting better at finding ways to seperate low level/high level changes.

behemoth lava bomb duration, gorgon dot, acid duration, kraken banshee mines…

they’re getting better at it and rather quickly while still doing new content, which has been increasingly more balanced when launched with only a few small changes.

and its not like they’re listening to only one side of the issue too.


I got 2 friends and a friend of theirs to join this month. yes i believe it is and it’s awesome


I brought 4 friends to evolve, but one of these is waiting for a new computer to run the game properly xD


like i said last year, Evolve just needed time to simmer. its completely possible that if TRS/2k keep funding it and it remains supported, making it to 3 years+ will be easy. especially since they’re getting much better at it


Talking about new players:) in my book trs is doing great sure their are issues here and there but I’m sure it’s not as easy as most ppl think to fix


Yeah, unfortunately not everyone wants to learn any way but by themselves!