The color on Prime Meteor Goliath



my personal opinion black and gold is really cool but the blue on Meteor Goliath just ruined it :frowning: #Feelsbadman
when I first saw his picture with the black and gold I was like shit … this is so dope but when I get him to 40 and started a game DISAPPOINTED with that Blue skin instead of black.
I wonder when the Prime skin first came out does his skin black ? and the community want it to be blue ? cuz Elite is white and why Prime is Blue but not Black ?


Not really sure what you’re referring to since the Prime Skin on Meteor Goliath is black and gold. I don’t know what you’re referring to as “blue”. The only blue thing on Prime Meteor Goliath is his flames.


Would black flame make it cooler?


I think white flames on Meaty and white energy on Kelder would be cool.
*Edit:" I think write flames on Meaty and write energy on Kelder would be cool".


if you have his prime skin then check it out his skin is blue not black like in his Picture the prime skin while in game is the same as the default Meteor Goliath skin with Gold Horns/Spikes


They should have given him gold flames.


Yeah It looks pretty cool Devs make It happen pls!


How does one distinguish between yellow flames and gold? I guess gold would be shinier, but then how do you make fire shiny?


See it looks beast,no one would mess with him.


If we write the flames then it is easy. Because shiny metallic yellow text will be gold one and basic yellow without shiny effect will be normal

Too bad that you made edit,I was about to make the ‘Write energy’ edition



Gold is basically half yellow half orange with a reflective filter over it to make it shiney.


Now I realy want those skins,I should call them “Gansters Write” skins.


Actually Imagine these to be time-limited on 1. april
It would be amazing !

I like idea of these too. Now with map like overpowered It would not even ruin game atmosphere. I hope someone will digg It out before april and maybe get somewhere with it.


When the Phantom is announced we will create a “Gangster skin” for her.
Imagine a variation of a map with a “overpower” written all over the map.
“April 1 monster Gangster” skin…make this happening TRS.


Wraith Variation is just normal Wraith wearing a hoodie: Confirmed


“Gangster Wraith” there is her nickname.


Especially if they’re in Comic sans


I can safely say Gold is the solution for everything.


[quote=“GoldenXan, post:18, topic:101341, full:true”]
I can safely say Gold is the solution for everything.[/quote]

no without the black :frowning: looking at Meteor Goliath while in game that blue is killing me