The color-coordinated hunter dress code and T-IV hunters


From my understanding the main reason the devs have avoided giving us full-body skins for hunters is because they wanted to preserve the color coordinated character themes per class, that makes sense with all the vanilla characters. For the most part they all follow a simple color coded system, blue medics, yellow supports, green trappers and red assaults. A few of them stand out more than others but still, there is a system. I’ve heard it was so the monster can tell who is who but lets be honest, the monster sees your names and the guns you use, not the color of your bite-sized baby clothes.

That whole theme kinda goes right out with window wish tier IV though. Torvald the assault has like 3% of his body with minor red highlights, he’s mostly gunmetal grey and flesh tone. Slim the medic is 90% green with a few minor blue patches on his skin and his shorts. Crow, the only green are his are his camouflage undergarments and rave goggles. Sunny is the only one that actually tries her best to adhere to the hunter dress code.

What I’m getting at is it seems like the dress code is a little more relaxed for the new characters, I’m really hoping when they have the resources they’ll go back and spruce up the existing skins to actually recolor the hunters in some significant way so other people can actually tell you have a particular skin on. No, I don’t want model changes with TF2 hats or something, just modest retextures to show off our skins. The arctic Markov skin from the hunter app looks glorious, maybe someday we’ll see that on the actual game.


I’ve never once used colour of armor, or even shape of armor to identify hunters when I’m on monster. I mostly just look at the weapons they use, and the colour of their names I believe.


Neither have I, I go solely on the gear they use. Its really easy to tell them apart when they all have such variety in weapons. The Tier IV guys though, they don’t really bother listening to Cabot and dressing in uniform.


As long as they don’t start making the same weapons on new hunters, I don’t believe we need to worry about armour looks or colours.

But just in case, they should have a disable option in customs/ranked/tournaments. I think MM should be allowed to have what you want to wear. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, in the competitive scene I’m sure having everything vanilla is the way to go so an option would be awesome. Though generally I find those matches to be really bland without perks, buffs and mastery.