The Civil War trailer is out



I saw it coming if you watched the animated Avengers show


Trailer is so awesome!! Can’t wait for it to come out.


Nah, I haven’t watched that yet. Just saw a bunch of twitter posts leading up to the reveal, and heaps more after.

I’m wondering what heroes we’ll get to see in it too


Looks like we are able to see more bucky, spider man, scarlet witch, ant man, more falcon and the rest is up to the movie


Well black panthers in the trailer, but his movie isn’t coming out till afterwords. So I’m hoping they may use it to introduce some other characters too


Wait so why are these idiots fighting? Aren’t they all besties?


Synopsis of the comic book arc

Following a catastrophic tragedy caused by superhumans, the US Government passes a Super-Human Registration Act that requires all super-powered individuals in the country to reveal their identities, disclose their powers and personal details, and register as government employees or risk indefinite incarceration. This causes a deep rift in the hero community, with some backing the Act while others oppose it.


Government wants to know the secret identities of every super, or send them to jail. And the avengers are split about which side to support. Some support protection of secret identities, others support supervison of supers because of the threats they present


In Age of Ultron, every catastrophe in the movie was basically Tony’s fault. It’s understandable he would feel horribly guilty and agree to help the government however he can, no more under the table stuff.
It would seem Capt’s main driving point is his long time friendship with Bucky, and the fact that going along with everything the government wants is a violation of free will. Just my take on it though. :smiley:


I’m looking forward to it, but I realize it won’t be anywhere close to the original comic arc. It was so encompassing and had so much subterfuge. SPOILERS AHEAD The shit with punisher and cap was great, the cloning of thor, the thing with goliath, the big showdown, the victorless ending. Damn son, that was good, and it set everything up for World War Hulk and the return of Thor. I just hope the movie can come close.


You can use [spoiler] [/spoiler to hide the spoilers


thanks, i’m just a poor mutant with no eyes or tech know how. Wish I knew this earlier.


I’ve been wanting to know how to do that for years!

Thank you masta!


Call I care about in that trailer is the following:


I saw you sneak him in there on Tony’s side of things Marvel… you tease, you…



Was wondering when they’d add him in <.<


This gots me so SOOO salty :frowning:



I shall be watching it. ^.^


“He’s my friend”
“So was I.”

Dude, that hurt. I’m all sad now.


I never did watch CA:WS or Avengers Rise of ultron.