The chain of decisions that lead to the same conclusion


From what I have gathered this game is not just another shooter but a game of cat and mouse with guns. Now from the perspective of someone who is new to the game that should sound simple enough. To a more experienced player who has put many hours in the alpha, beta and so on the game is more like a RTS where every choice you, your team, and the enemy team makes will affect the outcome of the game.

I have seen and played enough matches to see that the victor of a game is the one who makes the right choices and the loser is the one who made too many mistakes. from the very beginning the monsters first mistake was being born and for the hunters, going after a blood thirsty beast. For an example I will explain a first encounter I see very often.

The trapper has successfully domed the monster while it was still feeding, with the team closing in from behind the trapper and the monster have two simple choices, engage or back off. The trapper makes the decision to engage, this choice is about the same as smoking while at a gas station fueling your car. Lets say the monster incapacitates the trapper right as the team shows up to engage. The monster is faced with a multitude of choices but to keep it simple it is fight or flight. Now with blood beginning to pump from winning a fight with the trapper the monster chooses to fight. the assault engages and the medic and support pick up the trapper, as this happens the monsters armor has been removed from the prolonged engagement and his health has begun to deplete. The assault continues to engage the monster and is incapacitated for misusing his shield as a last resort instead of using it before the monster engages him. The team is now forced to decide they should rescue the assault or stay back as the monster continues to attack him. in a panicked state the team decides to go in for the rescue.

Now I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain any further for you to imagine an outcome…

I believe that the game is fine as it is with how monsters and hunters scale in power, however the mentality required to understand just how powerful you are as a hunter team or monster seems to be far from the grasp of a large majority of the community. Is a Goliath strong because it is so flexible with how it can be played or is the team weak because they are unable to predict its next move? Is Kraken Strong because he has powerful range attacks or is the team weak because they couldn’t keep track of a giant slow light bulb? Is a Wraith strong because it is a master of deception of is the team weak for falling for its tricks? This can also be said for the hunters but I’ll leave that up in the air.

to conclude the outcome of a match is not made by which team was able to soak up the most damage without dying but the team that was able to use their knowledge of themselves, the enemy, and the environment in order to secure a win. I hope as time passes I will see more players using their minds more than their triggers to try and get a win.


Well said! This is a game of the mind, that’s the entire point of the monster being a monster and not just being another hunter with more strength!


The answer to all of your questions is… “Yes”



That’s well put. The game is new and there are a lot of new players that don’t know what they’re doing. It almost makes me wish that there was a ranking system. However, I think the best way to learn in this game is the hard way and I bet that the majority of players will get better as time progresses which will make the game a lot more fun.


I agree on the Idea of a ranking system. When an ace monster gets placed against a new team whether they are a group put together by the matchmaking system or a group of friends who just picked up the game to have some fun together, the experience for the hunters will be very punishing with nothing to really learn from other than the monster seems to be incredibly powerful, the same can be said for new monster players. I feel like the in game tips are more annoying than they are useful and the tutorial is nothing more than a guide to how the buttons work.

I do have high hopes in the community ability to learn and excel but that requires either advanced players to reach out and show new players the ropes, and I don’t mean beat them up and tell them what they did wrong.