The casters for the evolve monthly tourny are terrible


They seem incompetent as all hell. One of the player changed his name and i think they were rading twitch chat to get info on the player instead of doing their own research. And what really got to me was when the girl caster caid hank was using AIR STRIKE. Wtf? Cant even take the time to read the skills name? Should have just had the tourny on aegis’ steam. Might not be as higher quality, but atleast he knows what he’s talking about.


Black FlailFish is indeed a moron


And one of the casters is from league of legends i think. Wtf happened? Esl wanted their own people?


Hey, people need to start somewhere.
But I’m not watching, so I have no idea how terrible they are.

But why are they looking at the chat in the first place?
They (should) have mods that handle spam and questioning.


I’ll do it for half the price and double the fun


Any random person who pays evolve could have casted 1000% better than those two.


Please don’t make senseless hate threads. Give constructive feedback or just request new casters but not this.